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You might be inclined to think of Esthec® in terms of traditional shapes. Straight or slightly curved planks combined with traditional ends. This is possible, of course, but Esthec® allows the designer new creative freedom. Circles, herringbone, mosaic, logos, compass roses, any design you wish can be created. No limits! Each Esthec® deck is an individual deck. It is a beautiful way to personalize your ship. Go to the website and create your own design.

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Freedom in colour composite decking Esthec® is available in 10 different colours. In combination with five seam colours, the most amazing results can be achieved. Smoke Prune Maroon Biscuit Desert Honey Truffle Saddle Chocolate Slate Print colours can vary from real colours. No rights can therefore be derived from the contents of this publication. www.esthec.com

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Freedom in seams composite decking The colour of the seams is of vital importance for the final result. Naturally, our collection includes the traditional black seam, but other tones can produce interesting effects. This has already been successfully applied on sleek modern yachts. S-01 S-02 S-03 S-04 S-05 www.esthec.com

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