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This comfortable and contemporary terrace system embellishes and enhances any space with its functional properties and sense of luxury. Esthec® Terrace offers unprecedented freedom in colour and texture, which allows the terrace to be integrated into an overall design scheme. Esthec® is supplied in a standard plank size. Esthec® offers the owner and architect technical and aesthetic advantages. Esthec® supports the trend to limit the use of scarce natural resources. Esthec® is a 100 mm wide, 20 mm thick, advanced composite material weighing 1.6 kg/m1. It is highly wear resistant due to its viscous elastic properties. Esthec® is strong, durable, splinter free and feels comfortable on bare feet. Esthec® provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet. The product does not absorb water and is resistant to most common oils and greases. Esthec® remains constant in quality and is easy to clean. Esthec® offers a number of design, technical, economical and visual advantages: Complete freedom of form and colour. Due to the computer-controlled processing, the end result is known in advance. Very durable: it does not splinter, crack or break. Extremely wear and slip resistant. Ecological (recyclable). Low maintenance. Minimal bacterial (algae/fungus/mold) growth. Time saving because the product can be delivered ready to fit. Supplied complete with comprehensive assembly system. Very easy to mount and remove. Esthec® has an excellent track record based on many years of experience. Esthec® is a high-quality finish that can be used for outdoor applications such as terraces at hotels, resorts, beach clubs, alongside swimming pools, roof decks and jetties. Esthec® is unvarnished and available in 5 basic colours. These 5 basis colours each consist of three shades for a lively effect. The distance between planks is about 5 mm and as such has a significant influence on the overall appearance. Esthec® provides an up-to-date and modern terrace solution. Esthec® can be cleaned with a hard or soft brush as well as a standard household high pressure cleaner. It is possible to use various cleaners, but we recommend using Esthec® Green Cleaner. Frequent cleaning does not accelerate the wear of Esthec®. Esthec® is a product from Bolidi Kunststoftoepassing. Bolidi has been supplying composite flooring systems to museums, theatres, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and for luxury yachts and residences throughout the world for more than 40 years. The products are EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001

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