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This comfortable and contemporary ship deck embellishes and improves every ship with its luxurious appearance and its functional qualities. Esthec® offers an unprecedented choice in colour, texture and form as a result of which the deck can be integrated into the overall design. Esthec® is delivered in sheets or as a custom-made deck based on dwg drawings supplied by the shipyard. Esthec offers technical and economical advantages to the owner, shipyard and architect. Esthec fits the trend of reducing the use of scarce natural resources. Esthec® is a sophisticated composite material with a thickness of 6 mm, which weighs 7.8 kg/m2. Its viscous-elastic properties produce high wear resistance. Esthec® is strong, durable, splinter free and feels comfortable barefoot. Even in wet conditions and at a slope, Esthec® is non-slip. The product does not absorb water and is resistant to the most common oils and greases. Esthec® is consistent in quality. In addition, Esthec® is easy to clean. Esthec® offers a number of (design) technical, economical and optical advantages: Complete freedom in form, colour and pattern. Due to the computer-controlled processing, the end result is known in advance. Very durable: it does not splinter, crack or break. Very wear resistant and anti-slip. A minimal growth of algae. Esthec® can be cleaned with a hard broom and more aggressive cleaning products. Esthec® releases shipyards and owners from incalculable and unpredictable price increases. Timesaving for shipyards, because the product can be supplied made to fit. Lightweight and thereby also reduces the weight below the water line. Years of experience have been gained with Esthec®. Esthec® can be used as a ship deck on mega yachts, displacement yachts, powerboats and, for instance, racer-cruisers. The product is often chosen in new builds and refits, for both high-end series-built ships and custom yachts. The product is installed by processing professionals with expert knowledge of the vacuum method. Esthec® is unvarnished and available in 10 basic colours. There is a choice of 5 colours to fill in the pattern. The joint pattern is created according to demand and therefore a determining factor in terms of appearance. From a creative contemporary design to a classic plank pattern. Esthec's surface has a predefined texture. Esthec® is cleaned with a hard or soft broom or a high-pressure cleaner. The more aggressive cleaners can also be used. More frequent cleaning does not accelerate wear on Esthec®. Bolidi Kunststoftoepassing has been active in the development of composite materials that are applied in the shipbuilding industry for more than 40 years. Throughout the world, cruise ships, luxury mega yachts and livestock transport ships have been provided with exterior and interior decks from Bolidi. Bolidi is an EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certified company.

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