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composite decking

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Esthec® surpasses all other materials used in shipbuilding. Traditional materials are still widely used in this industry. From a technical and ethical point of view, these materials have considerable disadvantages. Up until now, these disadvantages were considered a necessary evil that had to be put up with, because other materials were simply not available. Until Esthec® was invented. Esthec® is made out of composite material. This material not only looks good, but it has greatly improved functional properties too. Esthec® is able to withstand the most severe weather conditions at sea, for...

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With Esthec®, a deck can be so much more than just a deck. Visually, Esthec® offers possibilities where other materials impose limitations. Countless variations are possible. The main breakthrough is that it allows a freedom of design beyond the plank pattern. As the dimensions of a tree are no longer a limiting factor, any desired pattern can be created, not just that of a traditional deck. Any line pattern, austere or organic, can be integrated. On top of this, Esthec® is available in a range of colours. The width and the tone of the joints can also be customized; from very fine to robust...

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Esthec® is not only stylish, but very easy to maintain as well. Low maintenance requirements can be of overriding importance. Both the deck and details (gunwales and steps) can be made out of Esthec®.

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From improvement Esthec® is suitable for newly built and refits of mega yachts, displacement yachts, sailing boats and motor boats. For new builds, the decks are supplied fully customized. In the other cases, they are made to be measured by the shipyard. The prefab process shortens the total production time considerably. Esther's superb quality has been Swan one-design by the Royal Ocean Racing Club. Esthec® can be used on both custom-built boats and in (semi-) serial building. With our 45 years of experience, we know how to find the right solution for every assignment. In close...

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Esthec® brings innovation to the world of shipbuilding. There is a lot to be gained for a shipyard by using the latest CNC-techniques, but also by applying Esthec® inmould. This gain can be expressed in terms of time, Esthec® is not only revolutionary, but also ecologically sound. Raw materials are carefully chosen. Issues such as use and reuse are of great importance. A minimal impact on the environment is central and that includes making a contribution to preventing deforestation. In addition, Esthec® has a long life. Driving improvement and innovation is a continuous process.

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