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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020


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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 2


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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 3


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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 4

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS PAINTS TO PERFORM Boero has always had a mission to improve performance. This quest for perfection has guided our approach for decades, to offer the market an experience of simply extraordinary quality. It involves cutting edge technology that improves the performance of boats, a sense of style that enhances their beauty, and ultimate performance that redefines the standards of excellence.

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 5

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS VALUES THE VALUES OF A CHOICE Choosing Boero YachtCoatings opens up a world of absolute values. Experience, innovation, beauty. Welcome to a world where the ultimate is standard. The know-how of a storied company with 50 years’ experience as a leading producer of industry-beating coating products. The expertise chosen by top shipyards to protect and decorate the world’s finest yachts and superyachts. The all-Italian pleasure of sharing the experience by supporting customers throughout the entire production process. Boero YachtCoatings has worked on over 1,000 yachts...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 6

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS PERFORMANCE PIONEERING PERFORMANCE Progress is pushing boundaries and having the ability to go beyond them. Imprinted in the DNA of Boero YachtCoatings is a natural aptitude for continuous improvement, which has guided the brand’s approach right from the outset. It translates into the careful selection of raw materials and the meticulous control of every coating system, ensuring unbeatable performance for every product. But it also means compliance with the highest international standards, efficiency and cutting edge logistics, from production and storage to the shipment...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 7

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS BEAUTY For Boero YachtCoatings beauty, too, is an absolute value. Transforming colour into a work of art, to claim a special place on the water. This passion is the driving force behind research to align the world of colours with new style trends, but also to extend the product range and explore new expressive horizons. It is a research effort that aims to make outstandingly attractive boats even more beautiful, so that their owners can make a unique personal statement. OUTSTANDING BEAUTY

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 8

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INVESTED IN R&D A dedicated R&D centre, a talented team and pioneering research. Progress starts here. The beating heart of the Boero Emission Antifouling). The numbers speak for themselves: These partnerships have contributed to 1,200 square meters of surface professional training for a team of top area, over technical specialists, two dedicated research units and two Seen as one of the brand’s key assets, technical training centers for the two the team creates specific types of business units, Building and Yachting, yachting industry, from...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 9

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS PRODUCTION TOTAL SURFACE AREA WHERE INNOVATION IS CREATED FOR PRODUCTION 120,000 square meters of production facility. Great efficiency needs great size. The Boero YachtCoatings production site, opened in 2009, is in Italy, in Rivalta Scrivia FOR WAREHOUSES AND THE SERVICE CENTER near Alessandria. Out of a total area of 120,000 square meters, 12,000 are dedicated to production and 6,000 to warehouses and services. The factory, one of the most important production facilities for the paint and coating industry in Europe, makes use of advanced process technology, ensures...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 10

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS MARKETS Every year Boero YachtCoatings ships over 250,000 containers of more than 700 different products to every country in the world with a significant role on the international yachting scene. The company’s international expansion strategy is driven by a global network of national distributors A global network of experts. Quality knows no boundaries. and locally-based technical and sales staff. This is how Boero YachtCoatings guarantees consulting services, after sales assistance and product availability in countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East....

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 11

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS BYC ACADEMY In an increasingly competitive and demanding Striving for maximum quality, personalisation and industry, it is essential to invest in people, the reduction of error margins are fundamental transferring expertise to them and the tools criteria for both new constructions and refitting to share it. Which means offering them an projects. These factors form the basis of the opportunity to stimulate individual growth comprehensive training programme offered and expertise, creating in this way the value by the BYC Academy, created to tackle real added needed to...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 12

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS PROJECTS Believing in people who believe in challenges and helping them perform better. Boero YachtCoatings’ natural tendency to push beyond limits is expressed in sponsorship and partnership projects. The company has always shared its values by supporting unconventional businesses, nonprofit associations, and comprehensive eco sustainability projects linked to yachting world nonprofits. We build lasting partnerships and support projects and initiatives with organisations that share our values of quality, innovation and performance, exploiting our natural inclination to...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 13

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS THE GROUP Two centuries of history: another Boero As a result, Boero Group today can boast YachtCoatings record. a position of leadership in two strategic sectors: The business began life in 1831 with the acquisition of a small factory that made white lead powder. As far back as the early 1900s, a finely-honed business sense combined with leading edge technology drove rapid development in paint production for the construction industry. From Boero Group to Boero YachtCoatings. 200 years of innovation. Architectural & Deco Today, Boero YachtCoatings is an integrated...

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Boero YachtCoatings Catalogue 2020 - 14

BOERO YACHTCOATINGS PRODUCTS PRO DUCTS The product section is general. For information on which products are available for purchase based on regulations in your country, please contact our Overseas Sales Manager.

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