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Quality and environmental management system

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Bluet Quality Management System - 2

Bluet in brief BLUET IS A COMPANY WHOSE BUSINESS IDEA IS CONCEPTION, DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF FLOATING SOLUTIONS BASED ON MODULARITY AND STRONG PRODUCTIZATION. The aim is to offer the client a comprehensive service for the implementation of floating construction projects based on the one door principle: comprehensive expertise from initial business and concept planning to permit planning and construction implementation – all the way to the delivery of the site, including lifecycle services. The company's lightweight and cost-effective structure relies on a strong network of...

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Bluet Quality Management System - 3

Quality and environmental policy LEARNING ORGANISATION Lightweight and cost-effective structure, strong network of experts and readiness for change BLUET’S QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM COVERS ALL OF BLUET'S OPERATIONS; PRE-DESIGN SERVICES, IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING, DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION SERVICES AND LIFECYCLE SERVICES. BRAND STRATEGY THAT REFINED, COST-EFFECTIVE STRENGTHENS QUALITY IMAGE Indicators for monitoring the quality and environmental management system are: deserved publicity that anticipates future needs Client satisfaction with Bluet service and end product...

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Bluet Quality Management System - 4

These objectives form the basis of our quality work:The cornerstones of our environmental work are: • We strive to stick to the schedule and budget defined with the client at all stages of the process • We aim for client satisfaction in terms of both service and end product quality • We meet the statutory regulatory requirements in accordance with the permit processes and work with the necessary material for the permit processes • We favour domestic manufacturing partners and partners who are committed to sustainable development solutions ©2021 Bluet® All rights reserved • We recommend to...

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Bluet Quality Management System - 5

Quality belongs to us a each one of us is the quality manager of our own work. ® BLUET Quality and environmental representatives in projects The project manager is responsible for the overall image and implementation of the project. The CEO is responsible for jurisprudence, financial management, overall quality and environmental performance at Bluet. The chief engineer and design manager are responsible for the quality of the design and influence the selection of subcontractors. The designers make material choices taking into account quality and environmental objectives. The production...

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Bluet Quality Management System - 6

Project organisation launch workshop • Project organization definition • Burden sharing • Design control Design reviews Launch workshop ) with the client • Initial data and refinement of client objectives together • Project organisation definition - Main contractor - Subcontractors Environmental review of the target area i Definition of regulatory requirements i i Burden sharing ©2021 Bluet® All rights reserved

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Bluet Quality Management System - 8

Project organisations ON-SITE ORGANIZATION Project manager Project coordinator Production manager Project assistant Site manager On-site organization Installation team Design manager Local partners Technical designer E.g. local main contractor Design assistant Main designer LOCAL PLANNING External experts e.g. local Project subcontractors External experts and authorities FLOATING PRODUCT DELIVERY LOCAL TEAM & LOCAL CONTRACTOR

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Bluet Quality Management System - 9

Quality and environmental plans PROJECT MANAGER DRAWS UP A PROJECT-SPECIFIC QUALITY PLAN Material lists are made for the different process phases of the material to be delivered to the customer. The design takes into account the requirements of environmental and quality systems. Contracts are made with subcontractors, in which quality and environmental criteria are defined, routines for reporting are agreed e.g. congrid. Inspections are carried out to ensure that subcontractors are operating in accordance with the requirements. Checklists related to quality and environmental management have...

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Bluet Quality Management System - 10

Quality plan INPUT CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS INTERESTED PARTIES COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS further develop products and DEFINED in cooperation with REGULATIONS, LAWS, STANDARDS RISK AND OPPORTUNITIES SIGNIFICANT IMPACTS Identification of environmental aspects and determination of the significance obtained. What was done PLAN OUTPUT well and what can be developed? PROCESS IMPROVEMENT IMPACT CONTROLS Waste, water, energy LIFETIME Life cycle services R&D ENHANCED DESIRABLE EFFECTS Management of Supply chain REVIEW that products and services PRODUCE products and services comply with the set...

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Bluet Quality Management System - 11

Procedures for documentation (traceability) Project documentation is stored in the cloud Folder structure makes it easier to find Versioning and implementation of changes in the project Documentation responsibility is defined at the beginning of the project Project documents are reviewed and approved in cooperation with the client and/or partners. ©2021 Bluet® All rights reserved

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Bluet Quality Management System - 12

Routines for reporting to the client Project reporting routines and responsible persons will be agreed in the project launch workshop Who what where when how? Client feedback will be handled appropriately asap

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