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We create more building space to waterfronts with sustainable, ecological, feasible and scalable modular solutions for city development, operators, investors – and especially for the endusers to enjoy – on water. More and more cities find themselves in a situation where there is a growing pressure to build new commercial and recreational areas to make the most of the opportunities provided by waterfronts. Floating pools and other floating facilities are an excellent way to modernize existing infrastructure so that it is able to meet the evolving user requirements. While creating all new...

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WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL Bluet designs and implements innovative floating solutions that improve the usability of waterfront areas while bringing a variety of services literally on water. We help cities, developers, architects and construction companies broaden their view on how to utilize waterfronts efficiently. Our goal is to create a scalable and feasible solutions that fits and fills specific needs – and implement it from an initial idea to profitable and thoroughly high- quality outcome. We provide innovative and intelligent solutions and services for the future that enables unique user...

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EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE Our core team consists of experienced professionals in design, engineering, pool technology and other specialists that are required in creating an ideal floating solution for every need and purpose. We combine several areas of expertise and work within the needed, project-specific work scope – along with the client’s project team. Basically all you need to know to get started is what you want on your floating facility. We’ll take it from there and start with clarifying the project and end-user needs, the architects vision, considered site and target burdget. We will...

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BLUET® ONE MODULE, COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES Bluet® Multiuse platform is an easy-to-use modular solution meant for multiuse purposes. The platform has a wide variety of usage situations such as a floating platform for a music or sports stage, exhibitions, bridge structure, temporary dock or a working platform - your imagination is the limit! Multiuse platform is designed to be mobile. Modular pontoons can be transported by land or water and are assembled and disassembled on site in only 1-2 days. Modules can be connected to form different shapes and sizes. Modular structure enables scaling...

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PREPLANNING SERVICES DELIVERY SERVICE LIFECYCLE SERVICE Moving one step at a time ensures finishing the project within schedule and budget. Bluet follows and supports the client through the entire project process — from pre-design-stage to analysis, pre-construction and product delivery with lifecycle services. We work jointly with clients’ project team and our work scope is modified to fit the project needs and design stages. The pre-planning phase focuses on the vision and project feasibility, making preliminary The delivery phase includes product manufacturing, delivery, assembly works...

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Wherever you build, you have the best talents of the industry at your service. BLUET® MULTIUSE PLATFORM Bluet has a long experience of cooperation with the world’s With Bluet’s expertise at your disposal, you can let your best contractors, suppliers and designers. Bluet’s team will imagination fly – or better yet, tell us what you have in assist you in choosing the right kind of floating solution mind and we’ll figure out the solution together. for your location and project needs. For each project, we also handpick the best local experts. We want to offer Let’s take your waterfront to the...

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