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Welcome to the Blue Wave Marine Catalogue. Information and contact You are kindly asked to contact your local Blue Wave dealer/distributor, or Blue Wave direct, should you have any questions or need further documentation. Blue Wave A/S H.C. Oerstedsvej 2 DK 6100 Haderslev Denmark Blue Wave Australia & NZ Pty Ltd Unit 10, 17A Ern Harley Drive 4220 Burleigh Heads Qld Australia Mail: Homepage: Mail: Homepage: Blue Wave Rigging Hardware We have been in business since 1932 with headquarter located in Haderslev, Denmark,...

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INDEX Blue Wave A/S Technical & General information Rigging Screws Bodies Threaded Fittings Wire fittings Parafil Railing Guard Rail Fittings Dyneema Rope fittings Ball Fittings Swagelss Cone Fittings Assembling Instruction Accessories Clevis pin Lubricant Smart pins Nuts Sail Thimble Thimbles Shackles Straps Eye bolts V - and U-bolts Wire cables

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Useful Information Stretch in wire and rod The reason that a rod rig generally has a shorter lifetime than a wire rig, is that the wire rig has a higher flexibility than the rod rig. The exception is Dyform or compacted wire, with the ability of rod but the fleibility of wire. Stretch is the amount by which a material can be increased in size (lengthened or widened) by pulling. Stretch is always one of the critical factors considered when designing a rig. Low stretch under high loads is important for the final performance of a rigging configuration. Applied load All rigs should be checked...

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Wire Rigging Facts and Information Facts and information - working with wire fittings.. When planning a wire construction the ultimate break load, as well as the work load, must be calculated, as it will determine the minimum wire size and maybe the wire construction needed. Blue Wave’s fitting’s, unless otherwise stated, are constructed after termination to meet 90% of the break load on the wire ropes that are standard in the market. PLEASE NOTE : in order to guarantee safety in a wire construction you should calculate a safety factor of 2-3 on static constructions and a minimum of 5 on...

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Correct attachment Always use the correct size standard dies recommended by the supplier. As correct wire attachment/termination can only be achieved by firmly squeezing the material of the terminal into the strands of the wire. Most Blue Wave terminals are marked with wire size and a mark indicating the depth of where to start for correct swaging. Blue Wave wire terminals correspond to the standard sizes and stainless materials used in the market. The terminals are produced so that a swage machine (e.g. from Wireteknik) will produce a swage within given tolerances in 1 (one) pass in the...

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Blue Wave High Quality Lubricant Synthetic oil based Lubricant with PTFE The Blue Wave Lubricant contains PTFE micro powder, dispersed in synthetic base oil with anti- oxidation additives. It is high effective lubricant, with long life properties, for use in metal to metal applications. Water repellent, do not soil, risists temperatures between - 50°C and +200°C Non ageing and has exrtemely low friction. Supplied in tube with 50 gr + 30gr. The Blue Wave Lubricant is used on the threads improving the performance. Whenever stainless steel threaded parts are screwed together it is always...

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How to Keep the Stainless Steel Stainless Claus Qvist Jessen, Stainless steel is a wonderful material, and treated properly, it will stay bright and stainless forever. Sadly, natural saltwater is one of the most aggressive and corrosive media towards stainless steel, and even the ”acid resistant” 316L class requires a bit of maintenance in order In case of 316L above water, the main issue is time. Saltwater is very aggressive towards virtually any alloy, and the key issue is to keep the contact time as short as possible. In wet, temperate conditions, such as Scandinavia, the Canadian West...

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1 Apply Loctite 262 on threads, and screw the two parts together. Separate the two parts again, to ensure that the threads are filled with Loctite. SWAGELESS CONE TERMINAL The Swageless Cone Terminal is designed for use on 1x19 wire construction as well as compacted and Dyform wires. The user is responsible for proper use and installation of the components. Blue Wave does not take responsibility for damaged threads, due to overtightening or lack of Loctite. Blue Wave does not recommend to seal the terminal, but advice to rinse the terminal regularly with fresh water and treat with WD40. 2...

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DYNEEMA ROPE END FITTING - New innovative product - More opportunities to benefit from Dyneema rope - Unique slim and eye catching design - Easy and viable to use and assemble - 100 % AISI316 high quality stainless steel - Easy to fit to existing rigging screws and deck fittings and backed by a full range of high quality rigging hardware Find specification on page 37 - 38

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Slide the housing over the rope Splice around the bone Pull spliced bone back in housing Screw the parts together - threads can be locked with Loctite

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1 x 19 AISI 316 COATED WHITE ART. NO. DIM MM TENSILE STRENGTH KG CA. KG/100 M 7 x 7 AISI 316 COATED WHITE ART. NO. DIM MM TENSILE STRENGTH KG CA. KG/100 M Note: The user is responsible for choosing the proper cable diameter and for correct assembly. BLUE WAVE deliver wire rope in following standard reel sizes: For 125 Meter Reels Please add 1 Eg. WR119021 = 1x19, Dia. 2mm x 125 M. For 250 Meter Reels Please add 2 WR119022 = 1x19, Dia. 2mm x 250 M. For 500 Meter Reels Please add 3 WR119023 = 1x19, Dia. 2mm x 500 M.

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To complement our range of products, we offer wire rope in metric sizes, made in AISI 316 stainless steel. □ur wire ropes are manufactured with high tensile strands. The strands are made by twisting single wires together helically. Depending on application or use, wire ropes are twisted together; the more wires used, the more flexible the wire rope. Wire construction = Number of strands x Number of wires per strand. For example 1 x19 or 7 x7 . S.S. COMPACTED STRAND WIRE 1X19 Stainless Steel - AISI 316 ART. NO. DIM MM TENSILE STRENGTH KN CA. KG/100 M WD11904 4,0_17,46_9,1 S.S. COMPACTED...

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