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Michel Douville de Franssu Black Pepper Founder An agricultural engineer by training, it was under other skies that Michel dreamed of his first boats. It was in Africa, the land of his birth, that he created his first company processing natural materials for the perfume and flavour industry. Brown flavours are his specialty, coffee, cocoa, vanilla OUR STORY ENGINEERING & DESIGN Product design, execution and development are entrusted to renowned naval architects and sailors. Our design team, the experience of our engineers and the inspection bodies with which we collaborate, guarantee the...

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OUR KNOW-HOW Our craftsmen The details and meticulous know-how of our craftsmen enable us to achieve the highest standards of quality and unique creativity. At Black Pepper our craftsmen are encouraged and do indeed express themselves freely in their work. A community of kindred spirits who have made the brand and its style their own, are today at the helm of production, and constantly nurture the creative process. Each yacht is unique, accumulating skills in fields as varied as composite, wood, paint, electricity, electronics, deck fittings, rigging, mechanics or plumbing. Our Design Team...

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Code # Vintage Bay Sailer «The little Code»; simple, racy and playful, the Code # is breathtaking in her performance, very close to her big sisters... easy to use, her reactivity is exceptional and recalls the sensations of the great Olympic dinghy series; endowed with a unique, sober elegance with her dog-house roof, wooden deck and clean lines, the Code # is a Black Pepper in essence! Built entirely in carbon, like all Codes, she benefits from the latest developments in naval architecture and construction technologies. A charming & incomparable performance! Born in 2016, a long time after...

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Upwind sails area OPTIONS Engines: Diesel or electric. Interior equipment Standard «Sea» or «Lake» version with a high-performance rig. Electronics, sails and equipment are available à la carte. Fixed or lifting keel. Carbon Epoxy Rig Sails area Engine Berths Designer Black Pepper®

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SMN Golf de Saint Tropez Rue du Chantier Naval, 83310 Port Grimaud - France +33 6 88 06 40 33 DISTRIBUTORS Ouest Nautic Services 1, chemin de la Trudelle, 44390 Nort sur Erdre - France 02 40 77 71 35 Ti-COVO Ti-coyo 9 1551, le Chemin Long, 83260 La Crau - France C. +33 4 94 65 25 43 tfr Wood & Boat 24 Route de Compois, 1252 Meinier / Geneve - Suisse 022 / 752 67 78 || 079 / 383 85 26 Infinity Chantier Naval Le Borgne Parun, 56870 Baden - France +33 2 97 57 00 15 Ship &...

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