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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 1

Binding Union srl – via Cuorgnè, 21 – 10156 Torino – Italy – tel. +39.011.2625414 – Fax +39.011.2625428 –www.bind

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 2

OUR PHILOSOPHY It is since 1975 that Binding Unit has been designing and producing professional measure instruments. Nowadays, the offered products wide range allows us to satisfy the most varied applications. Our firm’s fundamental rules of our firm have always been the development of reliable solutions to real problems and to pay attention to the customer. This philosophy and the engagement to employ avant-garde technologies are recognised at international level. Binding Union srl – via Cuorgnè, 21 – 10156 Torino – Italy – tel. +39.011.2625414 – Fax +39.011.2625428 –www.bi

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 3

LIGHTING U Binding Union LIGHTING U Binding Union Main illuminating engineering sizes Luminous flux, lumen (Im). Represents the light energy quantity emitted in the space from a source in the time unit. Illumination, lux (lx). Represents the light quantity emitted form a source placed on a surface. Where the illumination produced by 1 lumen that falls in a uniform way on a 1 sm surface is equal to 1 Lux. Colour temperature, kelvin degrees (°K). Quantifies the light shade. A source chromatic aspect is defined as colour temperature. Light shade. This shows the colour temperature graduating...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 4

LAMPS H Binding Union LAMPS H Binding Union IRIS - LED spotlight, for underwater and exterior use IRIS, underwater LED spotlights, usable also out of the water Robust and elegant (polycarbonate) case allow a quick and economic installation. For the mounting it is necessary a single hole (from 18 mm) for the Power Supply cable passage, it is also possible to avoid this hole using the spacer AV0467. The frames are interchangeable and available in white, black and chromed colours, for surface and recessed mounting, with screw fastening. No connection to the anodes. Suitable for little bridges,...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 5

LAMPS (H Binding Union LAMPS (H Binding Union IRIS IE - LED spotlights, for interiors and exteriors with courtesy lights IRIS IE, LED spotlights for interiors / exteriors, with white, red, blue courtesy light LED spotlights with two colours in polycarbonate. Strong and elegant they are suitable for internal and external environments. Intense and uniform lighting with wide ray. White, red or blue Courtesy light color (emergency). Interchangeable frame for surface and recessed mounting, available in white, black or chromed colours. Suitable for baths, kitchens, cockpits, motor vains, piers...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 6

LAMPS H Binding Union LAMPS H Binding Union IRIS - LED recessed spotlight, also in UNI-EN-81-71 anti-vandal performance IRIS, LED spotlight for interiors, with emergency light, also in anti-vandal Integrated emergency light, with separated circuit. They are suitable to light lift cars (two are enough to light according to the energy/safety regulation a 1000 x 1300 mm surface), goods lift, car lift, electric panels, elevator shafts and engine rooms. Elegant and strong, they are studied for applications in stiff ambiences and public installations; the LIR1040K model is up to the...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 7

LAMPS U Binding Union LAMPS U Binding Union ATEX-EX - Led lamp for zone 2, 21,22 ATEX-EX - Led lamp suitable for zone 2 (GAS) and 21-22 (DUST) Waterproof led lamp in aluminium alloy EN1076 AC46001DF suitable for applications in risk of explosion areas as defined in ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. The body of the lighting fixture is treated with ecological anti-corrosion passivation with fluoro-zirconium and finished with hot polymerized scratch-resistant non-toxic polyester painting. The body colour is RAL 7035 light grey. The diffuser is in prismatic tempered glass. The protection cage is RAL 2011...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 8

LAMPS H Binding Union LAMPS H Binding Union LUXBOMA - LED boom lamps, with courtesy light LUXBOMA, LED boom lamps with courtesy light LED lamps for the cockpit lighting. Elegant finishing, reduced dimensions, long duration and low power consumption. Can be placed in the boom inferior groove (for ex. Selden™ and Sparcraft™). White main light and red courtesy one Suitable also for assembly under crosstrees, rollbar and awnings on in motor vains Technical specifications_ • Case in anodized aluminum • Emission angle 60° • Cold white main light (5800°K) • Red courtesy light • Sea cable of 40...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 9

COURTESY LIGHTS PERLA, LED courtesy lights for internals and externals Small and bright lights available in white, blue, red, green and amber. Designed for exterior use, with a single-piece case and fully resined inside, they are completely waterproof. They allow a simple and rapid installation and can be fixed with glue or screwed in and blocked with a nut. Useful for illuminating or marking steps, borders, ladders, bathrooms, cockpit area and other environments. Technical specifications Polycarbonate case Emission angle 30° Models: white, blue, red, green and amber light Cable: 20...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 10

GIADA, LED lamps for interiors New-concept minimal design, based on LED technology. Light emission is wide and uniform. Designed to be used on work panels, engine rooms, lifts, kitchens and wardrobes. Models available, with or without onboard power switch. Their low power consumption makes them useful for emergency scenarios, powered by a battery. Technical specifications_ • High brightness, bright light • Aluminum and plastic case • Neutral white light (4500 °K) • Emission angle: 120° • Opaline filter • Power Supply: 10...30 Vdc • Luminous intensity: 80 lux 1 m • No polarity • Protection...

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UNI  CATALOG  2015 - 11

LAMPS_ U Binding Union LAMPS_ U Binding Union PRISMA/SIBILLA, LED modular lamps for interiors and exteriors Suitable to light ambients, as kitchen, baths, cabinets, motor vains, lockers, cockpits and awnings. Suitable where it is useful to have strong lamps, of minimum size, long duration and low consumption Technical specifications PRISMA SIBILLA • Neutral white light: 5000 °K • Emission angle 90° Prisma • Emission angle 120° Sibilla • Power supply: 12 o 24 Vdc • Prisma light intensity: 310 lux 1 m (530 lux double density) • Sibilla light intensity: 280 lux 1 m (480 lux double...

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