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sNOrkellINg Free dIvINg ACCessOrIes / bAgs

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a sense oF total Freedom Through its history and values of friendship and leisure activities enjoyed with friends and family, Beuchat attaches great importance to snorkelling, seeking to capture the uniqueness of these moments of aquatic exploration! We apply the same high standards to the manufacture of our snorkelling equipment, offering everyone the chance to experience thrilling sensations and feel completely at one with the sea. A feeling of comfort, freedom of movement and a strong sense of security, whether you are exploring alone or in company. A remarkable combination of expertise...

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OCEO JUNIOR COMPACT MASK WITH WIDE FIELD OF VISION AN EVEN MORE COMPACT VERSION OF THE X-CONTACT 2 TWO-LENS MASK FOR SNORKELLING BEGINNERS SINGLE-LENS ADULT MASK JUNIOR SINGLE-LENS MASK >>Design offers a wide field of vision in a compact format >>Design facilitates pressure equalisation manoeuvres >>Very tough and extremely comfortable thanks to micrometric adjustment buckles on the hypoallergenic silicon skirt >>Prescription lenses can be fitted >>Even more compact design than the X-Contact 2 giving reduced volume and lighter weight >>Wide field of vision >>Design facilitates pressure...

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X-vOyAger Full-foot ComFortaBle Fin ideal For snorKelling > Tough, flexible bi-material full foot fin > Extra comfortable anatomical foot pocket > Flexible Beuchat powerjet technology for easier, more comfortable and more effective finstrokes > Flexible protection around the edges of the blade > Stabilizers at blade tips for precise movement OCeO JUNIOr the Best introdUCtion to snorKelling the Best introdUCtion to snorKelling > 18mm diameter curve tube snorkel > Clear mouthpiece > 16mm diameter curve tube snorkel specially designed for children > Clear mouthpiece > Designed for children...

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X-vOyAger sNOrkellINg pACk OCeO sNOrkellINg pACk OCeO MAsk & sNOrkel pACk OCeO pUrge MAsk & sNOrkel pACk vOyAger MAsk & sNOrkel pACk > Set composed of a pair of X-VOYAGER fins, a VOYAGER mask and an OCEO Purge snorkel > Delivered in a canvas and mesh transport bag with shoulder strap > Set composed of a pair of OCEO fins, a single-lens OCEO mask and an OCEO snorkel > Delivered in a canvas and mesh transport bag with shoulder strap > Set composed of a single-lens OCEO mask and an OCEO snorkel > Set composed of a single-lens OCEO mask and an OCEO Purge snorkel > Set composed of a VOYAGER mask...

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AlIZe 3mm one-PieCe For Warm or troPiCal Waters > Flexible 3mm neoprene - 2mm at joint areas for maximum ease of movement > Back zip fastener with stop at the base of the collar for improved comfort > Neoprene collar with anatomical opening and smooth interior for enhanced sealing > Stretch neck flap with Velcro pad > Smooth rolled edges make for easier fitting and limit the entry of water thermal ProteCtion ■ ■ ■ ComFort ■ ■ ■ ■ easy to dress ■ ■ ■ ■ shorty For Warm or troPiCal Waters > Flexible 3mm neoprene - 2mm at joint areas for maximum ease of movement > Back zip fastener with stop at...

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At the heart of Beuchat’s history, free diving has always meant more to us than just a sport. With the focus on performance and comfort for divers, Beuchat delivers technical solutions to their quest for freedom, their desire to experience the sea to the full. Enjoying the benefits of unrivalled comfort, divers are able to indulge in their passion without restrictions, directly immersed in the pleasure of the moment. Free dIvINg

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MArlIN elITe 1.5, 3.5, 5 ou 7mm sUPreme diving PerFormanCe PlUs thermal ProteCtion > High quality preformed anatomical cut > Silky smooth Neoprene exterior for a supreme diving experience Open cell interior for maximum warmth (5 and 7mm versions) > Jersey interior for easier dressing and undressing (1.5 and 3.5mm version) > Thinner wrist and ankle seals for more flexibility (5 and 7mm versions) > Thinner seamless face seal for improved comfort and waterproofing (5 and 7mm versions) > Supratex reinforcements at elbows, knees and shins > Lower part of top edged for better resistance during...

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mundial carbone mundial elite mundial competition mundial sport ocean legend THE CHOICE OF PEDRO CARBONELL A FIN FOR INTERMEDIATE FREE DIVERS FOR BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATE FREE DIVERS FIN WITH MID-LENGTH BLADE >>Free diving fin composed of a dual material foot pocket and a removable carbon fibre blade >>Lateral stabilizers in rubber to channel water flow and improve trajectory, making it easier to achieve optimum finstroke performance and fin response >>Ultra-efficient blade for free diving beyond 25 meters >>Comfort and performance of the Mundial elastomer foot pocket with reinforced...

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EXTRA COMFORT AND INTUITIVE FITTING LOW VOLUME AND MAXIMUM VISION VERY LOW VOLUME AND EXCEPTIONAL FIELD OF VISION LOW VOLUME MASK FOR FREE DIVING MASK FOR FREE DIVING BEGINNERS >> ery comfortable mask thanks to the design of the soft hypoallergenic V silicon skirt which is adaptable to different face shapes >>Reduced internal volume >>Rims with anti-slip grip zones >>Low profile pivot buckles to optimize strap comfort and positioning >>Widely adjustable strap >>Prescription lenses can be fitted >>Light, very low volume mask (130cm3) developed specifically for free diving >>Design allows...

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For 80 years, Beuchat has worked to blend design with technology... successfully achieving the combined integration of aesthetic, technological and ergonomic appeal within our bags and accessories ranges. Ranges made with precision and inventiveness to meet the exacting expectations of an increasingly demanding clientèle. A winning combination, helping you take free diving or snorkelling to a whole new level of pleasure and sensation. ACCessOrIes / bAgs

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gUArdIAN FlOAT simPliFies sWimming While transPorting dive gear > Two-compartment float with valves, made of double-envelope 500 denier material with PVC coating on both sides > Centreboard under each float > 500 denier fabric with PVC coating on both sides > Red colour with 1.2m high safety flag > 22 fastening rings including 2 in stainless steel > 2 tow and/or mooring rings > Detachable 19 litre compartment with separate storage pouch on top > Inflatable swim cushion > 2 backpack style carry straps > Weight: 4.5kg > Dimensions: 68x116cm MUNdIAl 2 eleCTrONIC depTH gAUge the PerFeCt Free...

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