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SLT - 1

Improve Your Ride • Boost Your Boat’s Performance • Quick and Easy Installation Small is the New Big Now you can have the durability of a Bennett trim tab system with a quick and easy installation. There is nothing to do inside the boat — only the mounting of two actuators and two tabs at the transom. It’s an affordable, simple solution for small boats from 10 to 20 ft (3 m to 6 m). The SLT uses some of the same high-quality, proven materials and superior design used in Bennett standard hydraulic systems for more than 50 years. Quick and easy installation — no template needed! You can change the position of the actuator with adjustable mounting options that are available on the trim tab. Your SLT kit includes: Part # SLT6 SLT10 Bennett SLT Tab Size Boat Size 6"x 8" 10' - 14' (15 cm x 20 cm) (3 m - 4.5 m) 10"x 10" 14' - 20' (25 cm x 25 cm) (4.5 m - 6 m) • 4 gauge stainless steel tabs with 1 Bennett’s exclusive interlocking hinge • trong, durable actuators S • ll stainless steel hardware – no plastic! A • ennett’s no-hassle 5-year warranty B

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SLT - 2

550 Jim Moran Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 Ph: 954.427.1400 • Fax: 954.480.2897 How do they work? The SLT reacts instantly to boat speed and water pressure by adding trim when it’s needed. At slower speeds, when the boat is trying to get on plane, the actuators hold the trim tabs down, which lifts the stern and simultaneously puts the boat at planing attitude. On plane, and as the boat’s speed increases, water pressure pushes the tabs up. You get a better ride while the SLT does all the work. If you have a small boat, you may not need Bennett’s adjustable...

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