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Premier Line - 1

POWERFUL TRIMMING SYSTEMS Made for Extreme Conditions

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Premier Line - 2

The Most Prestigious Trimming System in the World Superior Performance Form definitely meets function when the highest quality materials combine with the POWER OF HYDRAULICS – the preferred technology in demanding applications. Unmatched Durability » For Luxury Motor Yachts, Military, Government, Sport Fishing and Commercial vessels from 9 m (30 ft) to 38 m (120 ft) The dual acting hydraulic systems lock the solid stainless steel actuators into place, securing planes while backing down or in other extreme conditions. » Single or dual stainless steel, dual acting actuators, no exposed...

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Premier Line - 3

For vessels from 9 m (30 ft) to 14 m (45 ft) - Not recommended for racing boats High-Performance Powerboats Military / Gov't INNOVATIVE ACCESSORY | Included with all Premier Line Systems Electronic Indicator Control (EIC) Attractive LED control is standard with all systems. Three features combined into one compact, surface-mounted keypad – precise manual control, trim tab indicator and auto tab retractor. Water resistant, highly accurate with variable intensity LEDs for night or day.

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Premier Line - 4

Luxury Motor Yachts Military / Gov't INCLUDED WITH ALL BENNETT PREMIER LINE SYSTEMS: Electronic Indicator Control, with internal sensors – no wires or cables exposed to the harsh marine environment Auto Tab Retractor, automatically retracts the tabs to the full-up position when ignition is turned off Two Compact Dual Acting Hydraulic Power Units, each producing about 1,100 kg (2,400 pounds) of force through two actuators Stainless Steel Actuators, dual acting (with no external hydraulic lines); precision machined, single or dual cylinder; no dissimilar metals; XPT and BXT actuator overall...

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Premier Line - 5

Sport Fishing Luxury Motor Yachts INNOVATIVE ACCESSORY | Optional on all Premier Line Systems Auto Tab Control (ATC) Plugs directly into the EIC Relay Module for an easy upgrade. Calculating more than a thousand attitude readings per second, the ATC interacts with the XPT, BXT or SST System to automatically monitor and maintain the optimum cruising attitude.

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Premier Line - 6

The Bennett Premier Line of XPT, BXT and SST Systems is made for Motor Yachts, Military/Patrol and Sport Fishing vessels that face the most challenging conditions on the water. Sophisticated Systems for Extraordinary Vessels The Bennett Premier Line is the result of more than 50 years of experience and over 1 million trim plane systems produced. No other company knows more about designing durable trim plane systems that are unmatched in strength and reliability. THE POWER OF HYDRAULICS • THE STRENGTH OF STAINLESS STEEL THE RELIABILITY OF BENNETT Call +1.954.427.1400 or email...

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