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Bennett Marine Conversion Kits Premier Hydraulic Trim Tabs All you need for quick and easy conversion Bennett Hydraulic-to-Bolt Electric This kit includes everything necessary for a cost-effective, quick and easy upgrade from Lenco actuators to Bennett’s exceptionally durable and dependable actuators. Bennett electric actuators are built to last, backed by a lifetime limited warranty. All you need for a quick and easy conversion from Bennett hydraulic actuators to Bennett BOLT Electric actuators. BOLT actuators are exceptionally durable and dependable, backed by a lifetime limited warranty. • Works with Lenco “Standard Mount”, “Standard Performance”, and “Edge Mount” systems • “Plug and play” connection to your existing standard Lenco controls • Quick and easy conversion from standard Bennett hydraulic single actuator systems (A1101A & A1101ARC) using your existing wiring, rocker switch and trim tabs • No rewiring or drilling of new holes required • Simply replace the Lenco actuators with Bennett Bolt actuators using the existing holes • “Plug and play” connection to your existing standard Bennett Rocker Switch • Easy installation with no new holes to drill. Keep your existing trim tabs • Equipped with Auto Tab Retraction and Diagnostics Relay Module • Actuator lifetime limited warranty • Actuator lifetime limited warranty

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