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BOLT - 1

Electric Trim Tab Systems Installation & User's Guide IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Read and save all instructions. This manual may periodically be subject to change, for the most current version visit

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BOLT - 2

Congrats! Making an investment in Bennett Marine's durable and dependable spectrum of products will keep you enjoying the boating experience all the more. We've been a trusted name in the industry for over half a century with exceptional products built to perform, and to last. Get Bennett on board and enjoy the ride! Behind You For The Distance Bennett’s legendary customer service and support is a priceless perk to your new purchase! Our expert staff with over 50 years of trim tab experience is ready to assist with your installation, help with troubleshooting, or answer any other of your...

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BOLT - 4

Standard Sets • BOLT129 (12"x9" Tabs) • BOLT189 (18"x9" Tabs) • BOLT249 (24"x9" Tabs) • BOLT1212 (12"x12" Tabs) • BOLT1812 (18"x12" Tabs) • BOLT2412 (24"x12"Tabs) PART PART NO. QTY. Items 1,2, & 3 make up a "Trim Plane Assembly” (TPA). TPA's are available for BOLT sets in the standard sets listed above. Part numbers correspond to the tab size. EX.TPA129, or TPA1212. Standard Bolt sets include BEA2000 fixed upper hinge actuators. BEA3000 adjustable upper hinge actuators are available upon request. ^Actuator Lower Hinge A1113 2 " Actuator Upper Hinge Screws H1174 6 [9...

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BOLT - 5

System Specifications Helm controls sold separately. See page 17 for more information

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BOLT - 6

How Trim Tabs Work Bennett trim tabs most often attach to the bottom edge of the transom (although other mounting variations are available). When the helm control is pressed, the trim tabs move up or down. Water-force on the trim tab creates an upward pressure, raising the stern and lowering the bow. Properly sized trim tabs improve the performance of your boat in a wide range of weight, weather and water conditions. In general, trim tabs operate in reverse of what you may think (Figure 1). The port (left) trim tab controls the starboard (right) bow. Conversely, the starboard (right) trim...

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BOLT - 7

How Trim Tabs Work Without trim tabs With trim tabs deployed Getting and staying trimmed Most boats break over (get on plane) at a particular speed. This speed is determined by weight distribution, and water conditions, etc.. Bennett trim tabs enable your boat to plane at speeds lower than the natural planing speed. By pressing the control to the BOW DOWN position, your trim tabs move down. This will raise your stern and lower your bow, getting you up on plane faster. Optimum Attitude A good way to find your boat’s optimum attitude is to conduct a simple test. Run the boat lightly loaded,...

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BOLT - 8

Trim Tab Overview & Operation continued Special Conditions & Safety Precautions Correcting for a List Bennett Trim Tabs may be operated individually so that you can correct for listing. Your control is designed so that you can use it intuitively. Do not think about what the trim tabs are doing, just concentrate on the bow. If the port bow is high, push the port side BOW DOWN direction. If the starboard bow is high, push the starboard side BOW DOWN direction. Press the control in half-second bursts to avoid over-trimming, allowing time between corrections for the boat to react. Using In...

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BOLT - 9

Trim Tab Overview & Operation Shallow Water / Hole Shot To lift the stern and lower the bow, lower both tabs completely down by pressing BOW DOWN on both tabs. As you throttle up and speed increases, raise the tabs by pressing BOW UP on both tabs. Porpoising Porpoising is a condition more common in faster boats. As speed increases, the bow repeatedly rises out of the water until gravity overcomes lift and the bow falls down. Press “Bow Down” in half second bursts. As the trim tabs deflect, the porpoising subsides and your speed should remain the same or decrease. Only a slight amount of...

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BOLT - 10

Actuator & Tab Installation Getting Started • The actuator and tab installation must be done when the vessel is out of the water. Do not attempt to install the actuators while the vessel is in the water as the actuators and tabs are mounted below the water line. • Before performing any electrical work on a vessel, disconnect the battery by removing the positive (+) cable or if equipped, turn the battery disconnect switch to the OFF position. • Be sure to check for any obstructions: Before starting installation and drilling any holes, verify that there are no mounting restrictions inside or...

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BOLT - 11

Installing the Trim Tabs If your set came with adjustable upper hinge actuators (BEA3000), follow the “Installing the Trim Tabs” instructions in this section, until instructed to skip ahead. Position the tab: Using the backing plate, choose a location 3-4" from the chine (see figure 1 on page 10). Maintain a minimum of 8" from the centerline of your drive unit to the closest edge of the trim tab. Align the bottom of the backing plate as per figure 2. The hole pattern on the backing plate should be closer to the bottom edge of the backing plate. Fixed upper hinge is flexible to accomodate...

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BOLT - 12

Installing the Actuators • Install the lower hinge to the actuator using the supplied stainless steel pin. • Attach the actuator to the Trim Tab: Secure the lower hinge with the supplied 1/4-20 x 3/4" Phillips Head machine screws. • Install Tab and Hinge Assembly: Coat the threads of the #10 x 1-1/4" screws in 3M 5200 sealant (or equivalent) before inserting into the backing plate pilot holes. Install the screws in 3/4 of their length. Slide the trim tab between backing plate and hinge plate. Tighten the screws. • Set Final Actuator Position: Use a straight edge under the trim tab to make...

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BOLT - 13

Mounting Fixed Upper Hinge Actuators (BEA2000) to the Transom. • Temporarily detach the actuator from the lower hinge by unscrewing the 1/4-20 x 3/4 screws. • Carefully insert the end of the electrical wires though the wire hole in the transom. • Apply 3M 5200 waterproof sealant on the mounting surface and around the wiring of the new actuator. • Re-install the lower hinge mount to the trim tab using the (2) supplied 1/4-20 x 3/4" and a #3 Phillips head screwdriver. Do not use a power screw driver. • On the inside of the transom, install the wiring connector onto the wires: »» Insert the...

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