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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog


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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 1

Exceptional trim tab and hatch lift systems. Unmatched boater satisfaction. Exceptional trim tab and hatch lift systems. Unmatched boater satisfaction.

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 2

THE ADV ANT For over half a century, boaters have enjoyed the tangible benefits of Bennett Marine's exceptionally durable and dependable marine products. We're proud to say that boaters trust our brand. After all, we invented the world’s first adjustable trim tab—and we've never stopped pushing forward, always striving to make better, more affordable systems with maximum performance. Experience the Bennett Advantage—Get Bennett on Board and Enjoy the Ride! Reduce bow rise, improve visibility, correct listing.

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 3

Contents 4 BOLT Electric Trim Tab Kits 5 BOLT Conversion Kits 6 Standard (Classic) & Sport Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits 7 Performance & Premier Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits 8-9 Helm Controls 10 Actuators & Trim Planes (Tabs) 11 Self-Leveling Trim Tabs & Hatch Lifters 12-13 Common Replacement Parts & Accessories

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 4

BOLT Electric Trim Tab Kits (12V) CONTROLS SOLD SEPARATELY BOLT Electric - Edge Mount Limited Space Trim Tab Kits (12V) CONTROLS SOLD SEPARATELY Balance loads, plane faster, increase efficiency and performance with Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab systems, built to outlast any electric trim tab system on the market. Designed with an adjustable upper hinge for transoms with limited vertical space. Tabs turn up for added strength and feature piano-hinged backing plates. Kits Include: • (2) 12-volt fixed upper hinge actuators with 6-ft. wire harnesses and waterproof connectors (BEA2000) • (2)...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 5

Lenco-to-BOLT Upgrade Conversion Kit (12V) CONTROLS & TABS SOLD SEPARATELY Bennett Hydraulic-to-BOLT Electric Conversion Kit (12V) CONTROLS & TABS SOLD SEPARATELY This kit includes everything necessary for a cost-effective, quick, and easy upgrade from Lenco actuators to Bennett’s exceptionally durable and dependable actuators. Bennett electric actuators are built to last, backed by a lifetime limited warranty. * Works with Lenco "Standard Mount,” "Standard Performance,” and "Edge Mount” systems • Plug-and-play connection to your existing standard Lenco controls • Simply replace the Lenco...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 6

Standard & Sport Trim Tab Kits Chord Pump YEARS Hydraulic trim tabs are known for power, precision, and durability. Get the most from your boat, no matter what the load, speed, or sea conditions. Using the helm control, you can adjust the tabs individually or in unison to create the perfect cruising attitude. Increase speed and fuel economy, smooth a rough ride, and get on plane faster. Kits Include: • (2) Trim plane assemblies • (2-4) Hydraulic actuators (A1101A) • (1) Hydraulic power unit (V351HPU1) • Hydraulic tubing and hardware • Optional helm control (See below) Features Include: •...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 7

Performance Black-Powder-Coated Trim Tab Kits Enjoy the sophisticated black-powder-coated finish of Performance Tabs. Manufactured with heavy-gauge reinforced stainless steel and powerful hydraulic actuators. Performance Tabs combine strength, durability, and good looks to achieve your boat's maximum potential. Features Include: • Get on plane fast and stay on plane at intermediate speeds • Correct listing and uneven loads • Reduce pounding and eliminate porpoising • Improve visibility and safety • Low maintenance with long-term value Kits Include: • (1) Control unit (Rocker, EIC, or...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 8

Helm Displays & Controls (Hydraulic Systems) Euro-Style Rocker Switch Control Electronic Indicator Control Kit warranty Retail Packaging Three features combined into one sophisticated control — soft-touch helm control, trim tab indicator, and the auto tab retractor feature. Water resistant, highly accurate, and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day. This control is ergonomically designed, water resistant, and provides a distinctive “click” when the trim tabs are engaged. Kits Include: Features Include: • Water-resistant keypad and connectors ensure years of trouble-free...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 9

Helm Controls (Electric Systems) All-in-One Auto Trim Tab Control BOLT Soft-Touch Control warranty AutoTrim Pro is an all-in-one auto trim tab control system designed for boats of all sizes–packing a boatload of essential features into an easy-to-use, space-saving keypad. Reduce bow rise, improve visibility, correct listing—automatically. BOLT Soft Touch Helm Control with Indication BOLT Soft Touch Helm Control AutoTrim Pro for Hydraulic Systems AutoTrim Pro for Electric Systems Complete your BOLT Trim Tab System with the waterproof, silicone, soft-touch BOLT control, available with or...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 10

Actuators Bennett actuators are built to last, maintenance-free, and backed by Bennett's legendary support. All models provide a 2.5" standard stroke. SSA Premier Line Hydraulic SSA Actuator for SST Systems Hydraulic BXA Premier Line Hydraulic BXA Actuator for XPT and BXA Systems Hydraulic BEA2000 BOLT Electric Actuator with Fixed Upper Hinge Electric BEA3000 BOLT Electric Actuator with Adjustable Upper Hinge Electric A1101A Standard Length Hydraulic Actuator Hydraulic A1200S Short Hydraulic Actuator Hydraulic A1200SRC Short Hydraulic Actuator with...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 11

Self-Leveling Tabs (SLT) SPRING-LOADED Hatch Lift Systems Actuators Only A simple, durable, and affordable trimming solution for smaller boats. Quick and easy installation with nothing to do inside the boat - just mount the actuators and trim tabs on the transom and enjoy the benefits. Kits Include: • (2) 14-gauge stainless steel tabs with Bennett's exclusive interlocking hinge • (2) Strong, durable actuators • All stainless steel hardware Features Include: • Three mounting options to easily change lift • Plane at lower speeds • Improve fuel efficiency • Eliminate porpoising and chine...

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Bennett 2017-2018 Catalog - 12

Common Replacement Parts & Accessories Can't find a part you're looking for? Check our website or give us a call. 10/13/17 3:36 PM

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