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Build for Future Generations EXTEND YOUR DOCK LIFE WITH FRP WALERS Specifically designed for the Unifloat concrete dock system, FRP walers from Bellingham Marine have a predicted 75+ year service life. EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN Impact Resistance Designed for high fatigue cycles, FRP walers have exceptional impact strength. They will not warp or deform under impact. Chemical Free Designed for high tension and compression strength, pound for pound, FRP in tension is stronger than steel, aluminum, and wood. FRP products are 100% safe for use in the most sensitive marine environments. Unaffected by moisture or immersion in water, FRP walers will not rot or decay. FRP walers are extremely rigid. Testing shows the FRP waler exceeds stiffness requirements for dock construction by nearly three times.

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FRP Walers for Unifloat Concrete Docks Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) walers are everything you want – long-lasting, low-maintenance and environmentally neutral. FRP Finger Waler Marina del Rey Marina, California PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The FRP waler is a structural component of the Unifloat concrete dock system. A fiber reinforced polymer product, the FRP waler is designed, engineered and manufactured under controlled conditions to meet strict ISO 9001:2008, ASTM, and specific company performance standards. This purpose-manufactured product contains a high fiber volume fraction of high...

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