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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 2

"Over the years, Bellamer Mannas has produced and installed a large amount of diverse berthing equipment for marinas, private clients and municipalities around the world. Marina design work has also been carried out in countries such as: Germany, Russia, Finland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Northern Cyprus, Turkey, Thailand, and elsewhere. In fact, our equipment is currently in operation in more than 100 locations worldwide. Bellamer does not rest on its laurels, but continuously strives to improve in quality of production, installation and services and technological innovation"...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 3

MOORINGS AND EQUIPMENT FOR MARINAS Heavy concrete pontoons ■ 7-8 Floating houses and platforms • 25-26

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 4

pany was founded in Finían nt for marinas and individual moorings Offerings inclu Frame pontoons of various models and materials Access bridges Various floating platforms Floating houses and structures (public and private) Service pedestals Wide selection of accessories (cleats, ladders, life saving posts and much more) All equipment is built to tough international quality standards. Bellamer has achieved certificates from both the Finnish SGS and the Russian GOST for production quality and conformity. The company prides itself on its devotion toward ecologically safe production methods and...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 5

Moorings and Equipment for Marina HEAVY CONCRETE PONTOONS Bellamer heavy concrete pontoons technology to create the industry mooring platforms. The buoyant c blocks, fixed in place by means of concrete, within a uniform larger structure. The allows the fabrication of various sizes with excellent strength characteristics. The pontoon structure is made from hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel. Buoyancy floats are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) This type of pontoon forms the basic infrastructure for marinas, individual jetties, buoyant platforms, floating bridges and other floating...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 6

Moorings and Equipment for Marinas a strengthened concrete pontoon equip keels. The specially designed profile consi energy of a storm wave. Heavy concrete breakwaters are utilized for the pr water areas of marinas from the destructive influe on moorings, boats and the coast line. They can al floating moorings increasing the amount of availal Concrete breakwaters are reliable under a llWh W^IIIUIIW J 1/ ^ ^ i ill U *- ^— i 1 i I W I I Wl I \— Ul ■ W U » Jl^l ■ «W- «fcJ IVI IVI l^jy trouble-free life. Breakwaters are secured in place with chains, piles or elastic mooring systems ("Supflex"...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 7

FRAME PONTOONS Bellamer Frame pontoons are a versatile mooring solution consisting of a frame, deck and buoyant foam floats. The structure of a Frame pontoon is made from either aluminium, steel or wood profiles.Foam floats are encased in either polythene, sheet aluminium or fiber reinforced hydraulic concrete.The deck can be made of larch, pine or a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) profile. Bellamer's flexible technology allows the manufacture of the Frame pontoon in any size to meet your specific application requirements. Frame pontoons offer an attractive and durable floating infrastructure...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 8

Moorings and Equipment for Marinas specially selected cross members arranged in a proprietary formation uniformly spread the external loadings and stresses amongst the entire structure providing the necessary rigidity and elasticity. The frame of the pontoon is supported on polyethylene, aluminium or concrete floats. The special profile of the frame extrusions are designed to permit the easy attachment of mooring equipment as well as convenient disassembly and transport. Pontoons are equipped with wood or EPDM profile fenders. The company offers an assortment of AFP models: Standard,...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 9

Moorings and Equipment for Marinas uarlptu nf arrece Krirlnpc 'nr nanniA/auO an ri ¡ for entrance onto the mooring platform and from pontoon to pontoon. They are made from high-grade aluminium or steel profile and with wooden frames. The length and construction of the access bridge or stairway depends on various factors and can be made to suit. A highly durable hinging mechanism on the shore side of the access ramp is built with a large angle of free run that allows it to adjust to substantial differentials in water level. Access bridges and stairways can be equipped with side handrails In...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 10

MOORING FINGERS Mooring fingers are the most economic, safe and effective way of mooring boats in marinas. Various models and sizes of mooring fi ngers can be installed depending on dimensions of the boat. For bracing fingers to pontoons, rugged cantilevers with rubber blocks are used. Mooring finger frames are made from high-grade aluminium or steel profiles. Decks are available in WPC and wood with anti-skid grooves. Floats are supplied in UV-resistant PE plastic or reinforced concrete. Forthe safe mooring of vessels, all fingers are equipped with a rubbing fender. The optimum height for...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 11

Moorings and Equipment for Marinas In order to provide the very best and safest equipment and services for marinas, individual jetties and other facilities, Bellamer offers high-quality accessories and components made by the company or its approved partners. ANCHOR CHAINS All chains and shackles for installation are supplied by certified European producers. Chain thickness is selected depending on calculated loads and types of pontoons. The standard chain sizes used for mooring of pontoons are 16,18,22 mm and larger. All chains undergo hot-dip galvanic processing with a minimum 115 micron...

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Bellamer General Catalogue 2010 - 12

Moorings and Equipment for Marinas LIFE SAVING POST The life saving post is made from aluminium profile and includes: life ring and throwing line, aluminium ladder and hook. A fire extinguisher with box is available as an optional item. Bellamer manufactures a wide variety of floats and buoys in volumes up to 2,000 litres in polythene PE and polyvinyl chloride PVC with our own on-site rotomoulding equipment. PUMP-OUT SYSTEM Our system is manufactured by a German company specializing in the production of equipment for the marine industry and built to tough European requirements and...

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