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VISION 42/46 - 1

Engineered to enjoy. bavaria vision range: 42 I 46

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VISION 42/46 - 2

THE NEW VISION LINE BAVARIA’S SUPERIOR CLASS Made for owners who love long stays on board a sailing yacht. From the cockpit to the saloon to the cabins, a VISION adapts to its owner’s every requirement, whether this is a cosy cruise for two or taking a party of friends out – all thanks to an intelligent, variable and luxurious design. With its two cabin design, the VISION 42 is the ideal yacht for couples who wish to stay on board for far longer than just a weekend. Guests big and small are always welcome on board a VISION 42. Owner and guests are greeted with comfort and exceptionally...

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VISION 42/46 - 4

Design A BAVARIA BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN THE FINEST DESIGNERS All the yachts in the BAVARIA VISION range owe their thoroughbred performance and excellent sailing qualities to the designers at Farr Yacht Design. Each yacht incorporates the experience and technical expertise of the Farr Yacht Design team, responsible in the last 25 years for more than 300 individual designs, of which more than 40 have won world championships. YACHT DESIGN The BAVARIA design and production team and the designers from Farr Yacht Design have collaborated to develop an individual load profile for each yacht, which...

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VISION 42/46 - 5

A BAVARIA IS THE PRODUCT OF STATE-OF-THE ART MANUFACTURING There are those who claim that our boat builders have salt water in their veins, even though we build our yachts in the heart of Germany. Some say our engineers and designers may have re-invented the „Made in Germany“ for yacht building. Be that as it may - here at BAVARIA it is our pride to build yachts of the highest quality for the whole world in the most modern sailing and motor yacht shipyard in Germany. BAVARIA-Yachtbau consists of a 200,000 square metre shipyard with a 70,000 square metre production area that includes the...

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VISION 42/46 - 6

BAVARIA – GERMAN MADE YACHTS All BAVARIA yachts are produced in their entirety in Germany at the Giebelstadt site – from the first laminate to the last buff and polish. This shipyard is one of the most modern and innovative production sites for yachts in the world. BAVARIA was the first shipyard in the history of yacht building to use robots and modern CNC machines in production. The entire interior of a BAVARIA, from the solid wood batten in each cabin to the entire galley, is produced in the company’s own workshop by our experienced boat builders. Each wooden part of a BAVARIA receives up...

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VISION 42/46 - 7

FIRST CLASS SAILING WITH TWO CABINS With a VISION 42 you will not only experience first class sailing, you will also be a first class sailor! This is made possible by an extraordinary, unique exterior and interior layout. The companionway from the cockpit to the saloon is moved to starboard in the deck assembly, which opens up new possibilities for the cockpit layout – a cockpit table is incorporated, fitted with a handle to transform it into a sleeping surface. There is also is plenty of space for sunbathing behind the two helms – and not only for the helmsman.

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VISION 42/46 - 8

LIVING SPACE The cockpit is the focus of life on a yacht. From the two helms, the VISION 42 is not only kept perfectly on course, all her sails can be trimmed directly by the helmsman. This makes sailing a VISION 42 with even a small crew not only simple but also very safe. And at the end of a day of sailing, there are a myriad ways to relax on board the VISION 42 while drifting into evening.

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VISION 42/46 - 9

LIFE BELOW DECK Below deck, the VISION 42 is hard to beat for comfort and variability. The large galley provides plenty of work space for preparing a substantial meal, even at sea. You are steady between the sink cabinet placed amidships and the long galley line to port. The saloon table can be sunk into the saloon floor and the navigation area repurposed to become a sofa – on board a VISION 42, this simply means pulling a handle. 17

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VISION 42/46 - 10

Draught standard cast iron keel (approx.) 2,07 m Draught option cast iron keel as shallow keel (approx.) 1,62 m Unloaden weight (approx.) 9.800 kg Engine, Volvo Penta with Saildrive D2-40 Fuel tank (approx) 210 l Water tank, standard version (approx.) 210 l Cabin + Heads, standard version 2 + 1 Berths, standard version 4 Height in salon (approx.) 2,00 m Mainsail and fore sail, standard (approx.) 88 m2 Height of mast above water line (approx.) 18,93 m All data are subject to change without notice and given without warranty. SAIL PLAN Mainsail...

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VISION 42/46 - 12

THE VISION OF LIFE Enjoying life on the water simply should not remain a mere vision. A VISION 46 makes this a reality. This yacht is made for people who want to stay on board for long periods of time without compromising any luxuries – at least, not any which are technically possible on a yacht. The VISION 46 has space for living and storage space for everything you like to have with you when sailing in both the two cabin and three cabin versions.

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VISION 42/46 - 13

LIFE ON THE WATER SHOULD NOT REMAIN A MERE VISION The VISION 46 is made up of a thousand brilliantly conceived details. This is already evident the moment you lay your hands on the helm in the cockpit. Every instrument essential for navigation and control is within easy reach. With a perfect view of the deck and sail trim, the VISION 46 can literally be sailed with the fingertips.

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VISION 42/46 - 14

LIFE BELOW DECK Variability and almost unlimited combinations are the essence of the VISION 46. Would you like a writing desk/dressing table in the owner’s cabin, or perhaps a separate bathroom in the bow? Would you prefer one or two aft cabins? The VISION 46 can accommodate any vision.

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VISION 42/46 - 15

Draught standard cast iron keel (approx.) 2,14 m Draught option cast iron keel as shallow keel (approx.) 1,70 m Unloaden weight (approx.) 12.300 kg Engine, Volvo Penta with Saildrive D2-55 Fuel tank (approx) 210 l Water tank, standard version (approx.) 580 l Cabin + Heads, standard version Berths, standard version Height in salon (approx.) Mainsail and fore sail, standard (approx.) Height of mast above water line (approx.) Cabin + Heads Berths Passengers CE Category All data are subject to change without notice and given without warranty. SAIL PLAN Mainsail 55 m2

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