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Marine Lighting 2009 swedish design, quality and reliability

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ut more power into your lightings Fri I ight has since long been in the forefront when it comes to lightings in boats and yachts. The new LED technology Is a revolution for lower power comsump- tlon and also a revolution for new ways of personal lighting design. Just by changing from halogen to LED lights In your lightings you can save up to 90 per cent energy. In rea- lity It means longer stays at sea with more lightings on, yet with spare power for TV sets, stereo, GPS, radar, computer or other electrical appliances. Fri I ight and Bâtsystem have together developed a complete range of LED...

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Frilight Lighting - 3

Classic 8400 Classic LED 9400 Classic NEW Bright SMD LED 8-30V, 1W, 125-33mA. 10W Bayspot 94G4B Martini Ø95 Ø70 110 Ø90 10W 8205 10W 8965 White or blue glass. Opal Ø70 135 Ø68 10W 10W White or beige glass. White or blue glass. 10W 8960 Crackled glass. Opal II Frost 80 80 Ø68 10W Tube 8006 100 110 Ø55 8000 10W Tube12LED 9005 TubeMR11 8006m blue ring blue ring blue ring gold ring gold ring chrome ring chrome ring gold ring gold ring gold ring chrome ring chrome ring Tube gold ring chrome ring 8590 chrome ring 5W Mini LED 12V, 1W, 80mA. Warm white. 8658 Mini MR16LED 10W 9658 Mini NEW G4, 10W...

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Frilight Lighting - 4

Frilight - the boatbuilders choice Many well renowned boat builders make Frilight their standard choice for excellence in design and lighting performance. Halogen and/or LED lamps throughout provide high light quality and very low power consumption. All fittings are manufactured to very high marine standards and all LED lightings are available in warm white light. Design, quality and reliability build our trademark – Frilight. Frilight - båtbyggarnas val Många välkända båtbyggare använder Frilight som sitt standardval för sin förträffliga design och fina ljusegenskaper. Halogen och /eller...

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Frilight Lighting - 5

With switch With switch Available only in quantity for production. Available with switch. Available only in quantity for production. With mounted connectors. Easy spring mounting instead of screws. Easy spring mounting instead of screws.

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Frilight Lighting - 6

Available with switch Warm white. Available with switch Warm white Available with switch. Available with switch. Available with basering Warm white With switch With switch Warm white. ^f|^

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Frilight Lighting - 7

Nimbus 35 Nova Targa 8990 Targa 12LED 10W 9990 Targa LED 12V, 1W, 80mA IP 65 water proof. IP 65 water proof. TargaCap 8991 TargaCap 12LED 10W 9991 Targa LED 12V, 1W, 80mA IP 65 water proof. IP 65 water proof. NEW Navled NEW Navled 112,5° 112,5° 35 35 97 97 LED 12V, 0,9W, 75mA 9001s LED 12V, 0,9W, 75mA Lantern, starbord. RINA certified for boats <12 m. NEW 9001b Lantern, port. RINA certified for boats <12 m. Navled NEW Navled 101 37x42 20 12 Ø76 LED 12V, 1,2W, 100mA 9001a Lantern for stern. RINA certified for boats <12 m. For surface mounting - use 9777ring. 75 x 34 LED 12V, 1W, 80mA 9001v...

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Frilight Lighting - 9

Aquadisc - your own lagoon of light around your boat. NEW With Aquadisc mounted below your waterline, you can illuminate the waters around your boat, creating a soft and nice effect in your own harbour, visiting a guest dock or while anchoring in a secluded bay in the archipelago. May also be used in other underwater environments such as pools and bridge etc. Aquadisc lyser upp runt din båt Aquadisc lyser upp det omgivande vattnet och ger en vacker inramning till kvällarna i sittbrunnen eller till kvällsdoppet från din badplattform. Med en eller flera lampor skapas olika stämningar och...

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Frilight Lighting - 10

LED – your fantasy is the limit LED offers amazing possibilities to design your own light athmosphere on board or at home, both interior, exterior and also underwater. Because of its low power consumption and low heat development you can now light your surrounding in new completely ways and at the same time reduce your power consumption. Your fantasy is the limit and with many small light sources you get a unique light that can be modified for your needs. We offer a variety of different LED lightings that gives you almost unlimited possibilities. With Striplight, Steplight, Stringlight,...

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Frilight Lighting - 11

9230: 300 mm. 9290: 900 mm. Can be linked with other pes (max 24 m). (9231, 9232 included) 9430: 300 mm. 9430-5: 5000 mm. Can be linked with other pes (max 15 m). (9231, 9232 included) 9231 - Connector Handpolished stainless AiSi 316 steel. Use Trafo 1 or Trafo 2 for this bollard. For more models, please visit: IP65 water proof. Use Trafol for this lighting.

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Frilight Lighting - 12

Together with the full range of standard and special lightings comes a complete series of switches, sockets and dimmers - all manufac-_ tured to work perfectly together. You can set your lightings for every moment, from bright but low consuming LED to cosy dimmed halogen. It's your own choice. Tlllsammans med stora utbudet av standard och speclalbelysnlng kommer kompletta sérier. med strömbrytare, uttag och dlmrar - fram-- tagna for att fungerà perfekt tlllsammans. Du kan justera dltt ljus for varje tillfâIle, i frân ljust och strômsnâlt LEDIjus till myslgt dlmmat halogenljus. Du valjer...

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Frilight Lighting - 13

B5850-1 B5850-2 B5860 B5870 Berker 45 60 60 Single switch Double switch B5890-1 Socket 230 V. B5880-1 B5880-2 B5895 Berker Ø45 45 60 Rocker push button Rocker push button 8 10 Frame, double Plug Battery Switch 8 35 12V 60 Changeover 8 10 45 Ø45 60 Ø45 60 Socket mini 110 Ø29 94 Ø57 35 5932 5930 With waterproof rubbercover. 30A Trafo1 42 40 9800 12V, 16A. 12V, 16A. TR01 Trafo2 TR02 Trafo3 TR03 Trafo 2 1 3 Input 90-264VAC output13,2VDC, 750mA Input 100-240VAC output12VDC, 1,5A IP67 water proof. Input 220-240VAC 10-60W, 12VAC, 6A For protected environment only. For halogen lightings. / For...

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Frilight Lighting - 14

Warm white. Warm white. Dual contact BA15D Lantern light. Dual contact. Change existing G4 bulb to LED. (Only for lightings mentioned below) original Bavaria lighting ■^^v PINTO rtdk-j'T lots OÛCXV TARGA Change existing G4 bulb to LEDG4. Byt befintllg G4 till LEDG4. brass (metal) chrome (metal) Light colour Prod, letter Prod, letter A higher voltage than recommended will decrease the operating lifespan of the LED.

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