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A yacht built for speed. RESTORING BALANCE TO THE CATAMARAN UNIVERSE Awarded Cruising World’s 2017 “Import Boat of the Year” as well as “Best Multihull Over 50 Feet,” The Balance 526 is a trend setting high performance bluewater adventure cat. Designed by World Champion catamaran racer Phillip Berman and Awardwinning naval architect Anton Du Toit, the Balance 526 is blue-water tough, exceptionally fast, yet deceptively easy to

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SHE IS DESIGNED FOR A CRUISING COUPLE UNWILLING TO SACRIFICE SPEED OR QUALITY Reverse-raked wave piercing bows, foam core hulls and decks, carbon reinforced, all epoxy construction, she’s a high-tech 40,000 labor hour work of art. She can be custom crafted with either dual daggerboards or performance keels. In addition to being a yacht of the finest quality, the new “Versa-helm” is so elegant, wise and functional one wonders why nobody thought to do it before… – Multihulls World, 2019

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PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS Length Overall Length Waterline Beam Hull Beam Draft (Board Up) Draft (Board Down) Air Draft Displacement E-Glass/Carbon Version Displacement All Carbon XP Version Bridgedeck Clearance SAIL AREAS Sail Area Total (100% Foretriangle) Mainsail Jib Storm Jib (Optional) 117% Screacher - Furling (Optional) Asymmetrical Spinnaker (Optional) Balance Catamarans reserves the right to make alterations to specifications and general arrangements without notifications. PAGE 6

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GENERAL Engines 2 x Yanmar 4JH45 – SD60 Mastervolt Gel Series 400 Ah 24 V (Optional) Victron Lithium Ion Batteries 4 x 200AH lifePO4 | 24 volt 800 AH Ships Batteries Victron Inverter Charger Quattro 24/5000/120 | 110v/220v option Fuel Capacity 2 x 500 liters 2 x 132 gals Fresh Water Capacity 2 x 390 liters 2 x 103 gals Black Water Capacity 2 x 61 liters 2 x 16 gals Designer Du Toit Yacht Design Classification CE Category A GREEN & STRONG With her powerful 1690 ft2 sail-plan the 526 ghosts along in the lightest of breezes and will do wind-speed or better in winds as light as 7 knots. While...

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GRACIOUS LIVING UNDERWAY OR AT ANCHOR Most high performance catamarans are cramped, carry little cabinetry, and live like spartan camper vans. Not so the 526. With her owner version configuration, she easily accommodates up to six people for a long voyage and she boasts the highest payload capacity and most cabinetry of any catamaran of her size and class. Our innovative salon and cockpit tables drop down to convert into queen sized beds so you can sleep plenty of guests, kids, or grand-kids whenever may be required. And they make great lounge areas when passage-making or hanging out at...

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AMAZING SIGHT LINES WITH OUR AWARDWINNING VERSA-HELM The new 526 delivers the most expansive sight lines in the catamaran industry today. The flow and openness between the main salon and the cockpit are superb, and her permanent up and down helm stations take the ground breaking Versa-Helm design to an entire new level. Spitting rain? Cold and tired? Who cares? You’re sailing a Balance. It was clear that Berman and du Toit had spent hundreds of hours to design what they felt was the ultimate blue-water performance cat. – Multihulls Quarterly

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SPEED, EASE OF OPERATION The 526 is fast, sure. But she’s easily operated singlehanded if required. Her self-tending blade jib makes tacking a simple matter of turning over the helm. All of her reefing and sail management takes place at the upper helm station. With her dual furling headsails, electric winches, and a mainsheet system that operates without a traveler, you don’t need to be a racer to sail her.

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This is one very, very fast catamaran – laden or empty…a sort of BMW M series for the open seas. – Multihulls World, 2019

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WHAT MAKES HER SPECIAL? It’s been said before that, “Balance Doesn’t Make Perfect – Only Perfect Balance Makes Perfect.” This sums up our designs perfectly! We’ve thought through every aspect of the 526 to strike a careful Balance between speed and comfort. Racers at heart, Berman and du Toit are also deeply practical sailors who’ve spent thousands of miles at sea. For them, a great catamaran must live as well as it sails. A superb galley, great sleeping and eating spaces, plenty of storage, and enchanting areas in which to live and play - inside or outside - this is our 5

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Exposure to bad weather on the 526 is minimized while your ability to sail away from the worst is maximized. But sailing fast isn’t enough. No catamaran should brag about being the first at anchor if she’s not also a sheer delight to live on. That’s why the 526 is the most gracious live-aboard catamaran we could possibly design. Sailing fast is fun and a lot safer than sailing slow

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She’s a pleasure to move about on, to sleep on, cook, lounge, bathe, dine and entertain friends and family. ELECTRICAL LKR OWNER’S CABIN OWNER’S HEADS SHOWER WASHING MACHINE There is a place to store everything on the 526, and a lot of places to just hang out and relax. You can pilot her up top in fair weather, pilot her down in the cold, you can lounge and read inside or outside, turn your tables into beds, into dining tables, into pleasure nooks for reading or watching the latest film. The 526 is your home away from home. PAGE

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CONTACT US 350 SE 2nd Street, Suite 2770 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 +215 508 2704 info@balancecatamarans.com www.balancecatamarans.com PAGE 16

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