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Watercraft - 1

ALL SALES ENQUIRIES: Bainbridge International Ltd. 8 Flanders Park, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire SO30 2FZ UK T: +44 (0) 1489 776000 F: +44 (0) 1489 776005 E: info@bainbridgeint.co.uk W: www.bainbridgewatercraft.com

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Watercraft - 2

Leading brands brought to your door from all over the globe Dedicated e-commerce site Online pricing, quick and simple ordering Flexible delivery options – designed to minimise costs Special bulk deal pricing for trade users Extensive product and industry knowledge from a friendly and helpful team b. If the Buyer fails to collect the goods within seven days of notification that they are ready for collection, then, without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Seller, the Seller may: i. Store the goods until actual delivery and charge the Buyer for reasonable costs...

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Watercraft - 3

Expanded Product Range Bainbridge have worked hard with an extended portfolio of global manufacturers to bring you an even wider product range. Specially designed to cover entry level, midrange and technical price points. These enhancements make our very latest product offering the most comprehensive we have ever had. The ranges shown in this catalogue are offered from stock in the UK. In addition to this selection, special Old Town and Ocean Kayak models not shown in this catalogue may still be available as special order items, and can be integrated with our regular stock shipments. Please...

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Watercraft - 4

¡¡ The Plutini is a playful kayak specifically designed for kids. It is safe, comfortable, manoeuvrable and super-stable. Great for lakes, beaches and rivers. Specifications Length 185cm / 6’1” Width 61cm / 24” Depth 23cm / 9” Weight 8,5kg / 19 lbs Capacity 54kg / 121 lbs Backrest Yes Warranty 1 Year Specifications Length Solo 269cm / 8’10” Length Tandem 388cm / 12’9” Width 62cm / 24,2” Weight single 18kg / 40 lbs Weight tandem 30kg / 67 lbs Weight per section (approx) 9-11kg / 20-24 lbs Capacity Solo 100kg / 220 lbs Capacity Tandem 220kg / 440 lbs Front section length 140cm / 55” Mid...

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Watercraft - 5

Length 295cm / 9’8” Width 75cm / 29,5” Weight 22kg / 48,5 lbs Capacity 125kg / 298 lbs Backrest Yes Orange/Yellow PSF000130010017 Blue/White PSF000130010015 Orange/Yellow including clip apart 220cm paddle – PSF130010017206 Blue/White including clip apart 220cm paddle – PSF130010015206 ¡¡ When designing the SeaDog Angler, no effort was spared in creating the optimal performance of a 295cm / 9’8’’ sit-on-top fishing kayak, while maximizing comfort and stability. ¡¡ Equipped for fishing with 2 rod holders and 1 rod mounting holder ¡¡ Performance kayaking ¡¡ Comfortable and ingenious backrest...

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Watercraft - 6

¡¡ Integrated cup holders behind cockpit ¡¡ Paddlepark on left side ¡¡ Integrated cup holders behind cockpits ¡¡ Paddlepark for both cockpits Tandem specific features: Length Solo 285cm / 9’4” Length Tandem 416cm / 13’8” Width 70cm / 27,6” Weight Solo 22kg / 48,5 lbs Weight Tandem 35kg / 77 lbs Weight per section (approx) 12kg / 24,3 lbs Capacity Solo 100kg / 265 lbs Capacity Tandem 240kg / 530 lbs Front section length 142cm / 4’8” Mid-section length 163cm / 5’4” Stern section length 142cm / 4’8” Cockpits 83x46cm / 33x18” Front Hatch 20x20cm / 7,9x7,9” Rear Hatch 44x26cm / 17x10” Rudder Yes...

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Watercraft - 7

♦ Affordable ♦ Great tracking & performance ♦ Great for rental & beginners courses ♦ Strong and durable 1-layer PE (polyethylene) ♦ Optional 3-layer PE (lighter & stiffer) ♦ Rear and front hatch ♦ Bulkheads ♦ Adj ustable rudder pedals ♦ Comfort backrest Specifications Length Front hatch Rear hatch Large, oval hatch for easy access Large cockpit for easy entry/exit Water-tight Storage compartment Bungees on front and aft deck Liftable, optional rudder Comfortable back rest Comfortable carrying handle Keel designed for tracking performance Hull designed for stability & comfort Round hatch to...

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Watercraft - 8

ROCKER SKEG ¡¡ Ultra durable 1-layer PE for durability and strength Specific features: Rudder & Skeg specific features: ¡¡ AIR seat with vertically adjustable backrest with sculptured padding on seat, back and hips with built-in inflatable air bags for ultimate position ¡¡ Kink-free symmetry skeg system with precision adjustment from cockpit ¡¡ Foot rests with precision adjustment ¡¡ Comfortable seat with back rest ¡¡ Oval 44x26 cm hatches front and aft for easy storage ¡¡ Molded-in locking pin on deck for security ¡¡ Cockpit designed for easy entry/exit ¡¡ Soft touch cockpit-rim pads...

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Watercraft - 9

¡¡ 3-Layer rotomolded (PE) with an ultra durable PE for a stiffer and lighter hull ¡¡ Point 65 offers 2 styles of decks ranging from the simple tough nylon deck “Storm” to an even tougher deck “Ocean” with straps and reinforcement. Specifications Length 510cm / 16’8” Width 68cm / 26,8” Weight 3-layer 33kg / 72,8 lbs Capacity 235kg / 518 lbs Cockpits 83x46cm / 33x18” Front hatch 24cm / 9,5x9,5” Rear hatch 44x26cm / 17x10” Skeg Yes Rudder Yes Storm Medium - PSF000301020103 (only fits Whisky PADDLE LEASH COIL Easy to adjust Foot rests Bungees on front and aft deck Easy to adjust Rudder pedals...

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Watercraft - 10

Adjustable and comfortable seat Splash-resistant QuickStash™ storage Bow retention bungee Stackable design Motded-in foot wells for added leg support Motded-in cup holders, paddle rests and side handles MALIBU 11.5 MALIBU TWO ♦ Adjustable and comfortable seat ♦ Splash-resistant QuickStash™ storage ♦ Bow retention bungee ♦ Stackable design ♦ Molded-in foot wells for added leg support ♦ Molded-in cup holders and paddle rests ♦ Molded-in side handles Specifications Length 11' 5" / 3.48 m ♦ Two Comfort Plus fully adjustable seat ♦ Seat can be quickly removed ♦ Side-mounted carry handles ♦...

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