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Since sailing began sails have been made from woven cloth. For centuries the technology used hardly changed but in the early 1950’s Bainbridge pioneered the use of synthetic fibres with a range of products that revolutionised the sailmaking industry. Since then Bainbridge have continued to be at the forefront of woven sailcloth development. Today, we offer two ranges of high quality cloth that both utilise the very latest weaving, fibre and finishing technology. All our cloth is woven using the very latest weaving equipment to provide ultra tight costructions. A tight weave provides a more...

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Quality Woven Sailcloth Performance, durability, value The new Ocean Sailcloth range is the best general purpose product we have ever made. The combination of carefully researched constructions, new manufacturing techniques and competitive prices makes these products outstanding value. All Ocean products feature: ● Durable melamine finish to stabilise weave. ● Carefully selected top quality yarns. ● Designed range of weights and different constructions to optimise performance and value in target applications. ● Good UV resistance. The Promise Following an extensive development programme...

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Make no mistake; Ocean is not the cheapest sailcloth available to your Sailmaker. It is a quality polyester cruising sailcloth designed for the sailor who knows that a small increase in price is a worthwhile investment. All Ocean styles have been optimised for value by careful attention to yarn selection, construction and finishing, not by cost cutting. They feature an ultra tight weave and durable finish compared to some cheaper cloth where a more open weave is stabilised by an increased impregnation. These products will give similar initial performance, but as the finish breaks down will...

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Balanced: This type of construction is best suited for smaller boats and low aspect sails on larger boats where durability is at a premium. Balanced constructions are offered in 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 9oz and 10oz weights. These products are ideal for cruising yachts from 20ft to 50ft (6 to 15m), where low aspect sail plans put less emphasis on threadline strength and where shape retention is more dependant on all round stability. = Areas of Greatest Load = Areas of Greatest Load 8.0, 9.0 and 11oz styles feature more unbalanced constructions but not to the extreme of racing products that...

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Ocean Premium Plus is a Premium range of woven polyester sailcloth, designed specifically for the discerning boat owner who requires durability, high performance and a prestigious look, all in one package. Our design team's objective was to create a sailcloth with the longevity and consistency of our world renowned Ocean range yet with high performance and outstanding shape holding ability. OPP is ideal if you are looking for that something extra that puts you ahead of the rest. High performance numbers, longevity and a woven ripstop all contribute to the value of this Premium product...

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The perfect finish: For more than sixty years, Bainbridge International has been a leading manufacturer of quality sailcloth using synthetic fibres. The finishing techniques and formulations used in the production of synthetic fibres are complex and unique to the sailcloth trade. Over this sixty year period, Bainbridge has developed a vast and detailed knowledge of these processes and to confirm our commitment to the quality control and consistent improvement of them, we have joint ownership of our sailcloth finishing plant. Taking direct control of purpose built and sole use finishing...

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Technical Innovation and Service - The Fabric of of Our Business Technical Innovation and Service - The Fabric Our Business With a full range of sailcloth, sailmakers hardware and a global sales and support network, Bainbridge is uniquely qualified and committed to supplying the world with the finest quality materials. Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world with almost a century’s experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry. Bainbridge has always...

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