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Flat Battens Flat Battens - Specifications These low cost, quality pultrusions are tough and durable. The use of battens can help minimise sail wear. All styles are 30mm wide but vary in thickness to offer logical and progressive increases in stiffness. This allows different stiffness' to use the same width pocket and luff box. Sailman Full Batten Systems 12 Sailman Battens Highest quality vinylester pultrusions deliver ultimate tenacity for demanding full batten applications. Selected for the BT Global Challenge, the world's toughest yacht race, they feature a logical and progressive range of stiffness' and a common 30mm width. Round Battens Outstanding stiffness to weight combined with low cost make round section pultrusions an excellent choice for full batten applications, although they are most liable to breakage and can cause sail chafe. • Longer lengths are available against special order. Long packages may however involve the purchase in higher than normal freight costs. Sailman Battens - Specifications Part No. Round Battens - Specifications Part No. 20R also available. Please contact us for more details. Stiffness Stiffness is calculated as the load needed to deflect a 1 metre length supported at both ends by 100mm. Force Website: www.bainbridgeint.com AVbainbridge ■■ INTERNATIONAL

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