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Promise Technical Innovation and Service - The Fabric of Our Business More strength, less stretch and unrivalled quality provide you with a higher performance, more durable and better value spinnaker. That's the AIRX promise. Unparalled strength efficiency Zero porosity finish Incredible tear strength Class leading warp, fill and bias performance Excellent durability Superb water repellency With a full range of sailcloth, sailmakers hardware and a global sales and support network, Bainbridge is uniquely qualified and committed to supplying the world with the finest quality materials. Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world with almost a century’s experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry. Bainbridge has always been at the forefront of technical developments within the world of sailcloth. Through the skills of the technical team, we have developed a number of products including AIRX Performance Spinnaker Fabrics, MP MultiPurpose Spinnaker Fabrics, DIAX Laminated Sailcloth and SAILMAN Full Batten Systems. These have been used by many high profile campaigns including America’s Cup, Vendee Globe, Volvo 60 and BT Global Challenge. There are 7 other leaflets in the range that offer advice on our other sailcloth ranges and our SAILMAN Full Batten Systems. These are available from your Sailmaker. - 5 simple steps to better sails We have developed an easy to use website that offers advice and recommendations about the correct sailcloth for your needs. With 5 simple steps to follow, you can develop an understanding for the benefits of the sailcloth styles we offer and comprehend which one meets your needs. Your Sailmaker is the essential link between our fabric technology and your boat. They offer Bainbridge fabrics because of the inherent trust that the excellence of their workmanship, combined with the quality of our products, will provide you, the Customer, with the best possible value and performance. Bainbridge® is a registered trademark of Bainbridge International Ltd. AIRX™, DIAX™, MP™, and SAILMAN™ are trademarks of Bainbridge International Ltd. Avery L7160TM © Bainbridge International Ltd. 2008 Performance Cruising Spinnaker Laminates Fabrics

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PERFORMANCE SPINNAKER FABRICS AIRX has redefined the standards in spinnaker fabrics combining unprecedented strength, performance and quality. Sailors and Sailmakers have long recognised the performance benefits of lighter weight spinnakers, but have had to pay the price in terms of reduced strength and poor shape retention. Essentially this excluded the majority of sailors from using the highest performance fabrics. AIRX is different. The design brief was to develop fabrics of comparable weight but ground breaking performance. Fabrics that would allow Grand Prix sailors to use lighter...

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