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Catalogue 2009 A brand by Navico - Leader in Marine Electronics Driven to perform EMEA Part. No 020003.2009 Driven to perform 2009 A brand by Navico - Leader in Marine Electronics

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B&G - World leading sailing technology for discerning yachtsmen, developed through an uncompromising approach to performance, precision, and reliability. Contents: B&G Heritage /4-5/ B&G Customer Focus /6-8/ B&G News /9/ Specifying your B&G System /10-25/ B&G H3000 Instruments /26-35/ B&G H3000 Pilots /36-41/ B&G WTP2 Processor /42-44/ B&G Deckman Tactical Navigation Software /45-47/ B&G Sensors /48-55/ B&G Accessories /56-59/ B&G Online /60-61/ B&G Sales and Service Worldwide /62-63/

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“Racing 25,000 miles solo, in the most severe weather conditions, and against the world’s best offshore sailors is the greatest challenge I can face. Preparing for this, B&G not only supplied the best equipment, they also provided essential tuning and calibration specic to my needs. This allows my Pilot to perform perfectly.” Seb Josse Skipper BT Open 60 foto: Vincent Curutchet/DPPI B&G have been making instruments for over 50 years and throughout this time have been innovators of the most highly advanced marine technology. High performance systems that are second to none With over fty...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 4 TP52 Quantum Racing – winner of the 2008 Audi MedCup with B&G onboard Sander van der Borch Knut Frostad CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09 Ericsson Racing Team B&G have always listened to sailors’ needs and feedback to enable the technology and functionality of our products to be developed to the highest level. This combined with advice and assistance available where it is needed, at regattas: on the dockside and on the water. Wherever you are in the world B&G support is close by. Our regatta commitment B&G notication of regattas and activities Pre-race, dockside...

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NEWS FL ASH Sign up to the B&G e-newsletter at B&G Innovation. B&G maintain an acute focus on the development and introduction of new and enhanced products to further compliment the B&G range. Being leaders in technology for many years has allowed B&G an inside view of cutting edge performance sailing from every aspect; inshore to offshore, performance cruising to grand prix racing, advances in building technologies and increased expectations from those who depend on the accuracy and durability of our equipment. Experience gained here is translated into future products. skippers...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 6 B&G Instrument and Pilot systems, at every level, allow you to specify performance and safety options to suit your needs. How to specify your system? When selecting a system for your boat you need to carefully consider what type of sailing you will be doing and under what conditions. If you need control and information whilst moving around the boat, you should include a RemoteVision wireless controller depending on the application. One of the B&G team or a specialist B&G dealer can help with numbers and positions of displays as they may already have agreed recommended...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 7 GRAND PRIX RACERS OF 40FT - 100FT Congure the WTP2 with data switching depending on the point of sail. This optimises the use of the available displays. For example a 20/20 HV display unit can automatically show AWA upwind and TWA downwind GFD GFD 30/30 HV VERTICAL MASTHEAD UNIT 10/10 HV 10/10 HV WTP2 DECKMAN IMU COMPASS GPS LINEAR LOAD OR POSITION INPUTS E.G. FORESTAY, KEEL, DAGGERBOARD, BAROMETER HEADING DEPTH SPEED SENSOR SENSOR NMEA GRAND PRIX RACER Around the cans or close racing offshore, the grand prix racer demands ultimate accuracy and unbeatable capability in...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 8 SUPERYACHTS OF 80FT + SELECTION OF DISPLAYS 40/40 HV 10/10 HV VERTICAL MASTHEAD UNIT REMOTE VISION HERCULES CPU GFD GPD BAROMETER PILOT COMPUTER HALCYON GYRO STABILISED COMAPASS PILOT DRIVE RUDDER REFERENCE UNIT AFT DEPTH SPEED & DEPTH SHUT-OFF VALVES SUPERYACHT Advanced construction technology seamlessly meets onboard luxury on every superyacht and the same standards of sophistication and exibility are expected from their navigation systems. Custom superyachts and luxury production yachts each require a system that will integrate exibly with other onboard systems. B&G...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 9 MULTIHULLS OF 40FT - 100FT Use Pilot in true wind mode when sailing downwind apparent wind varies signicantly with acceleration causing course changes 20/20 HV 20/20 HV VERTICAL MASTHEAD UNIT 10/10 HV 10/10 HV GPD GFD HERCULES PERFORMANCE CPU GFD GPD DECKMAN REMOTE VISION PILOT COMPUTER NMEA HALCYON GYRO STABILISED COMAPASS MAST ROTATION SENSOR PILOT DRIVE RUDDER REFERENCE UNIT DEPTH SENSOR SPEED SENSOR MULTIHULL Whether a trimaran or catamaran, multihulls have their own unique brand of performance and instrument system requirements. Both cruising and racing multihulls...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 10 PERFORMANCE RACERS OF 30FT - 80FT GFD 20/20 HV VERTICAL MASTHEAD UNIT HERCULES PERFORMANCE CPU DECKMAN HALCYON 2000 COMPASS NMEA LOADCELL DEPTH SPEED SENSOR SENSOR PERFORMANCE RACER Whether club racing or sailing at national or international regatta level, performance racing crews are looking to be rst across the line. Production one design racing yachts and custom built racing yachts expect rugged reliability and high performance, both features that B&G delivers in a system with the H3000 Hercules Performance CPU at its core. Large digit 20/20 HV displays enable the...

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Product catalogue 2009 - 11 BLUE WATER CRUISERS OF 40FT - 80FT ANALOGUES MASTHEAD UNIT GFD GPD GPD GFD HYDRA CPU REMOTE VISION BAROMETER AIR TEMP SENSOR HALCYON GYRO STABILISED COMPASS RUDDER REFERENCE UNIT DEPTH SPEED SENSOR SENSOR PILOT DRIVE BLUE WATER Having durable, reliable instruments onboard when sailing across oceans, between islands, and in some of the most remote parts of the world is incredibly important and that is why quality, comfortable cruising yachts like Swan and Oyster choose B&G. Traditional unobtrusive styling complements sleek and contemporary interiors, while the system...

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