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2008 Catalogue A brand by Navico - Leader in Marine Electronics

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 3

A performance solution to suit your needs This catalogue will help you select the complete electronic solution to suit your boat and application. Choose from the range of easily integrated B&G instruments, pilots and navigation equipment. If in doubt, call one of our specialists to help you decide what you need and who should install it. On more winning boats than any other system B&G have been making instruments for over 50 years and throughout this time, have been innovators of the most highly advanced marine technology. The new H3000 system is an evolution of a successful formula, which...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 4

New for 2008 New for 2008 Developing the B&G range NEW RaceVision3000 The new RaceVision3000 is the latest edition in the B&G RaceVision line of on-deck navigation systems. A rugged PC solution, with integrated Deckman tactical software, the RaceVision3000 allows the navigator full access to race winning data at any time. Read more on page 44-45 An action packed year ahead Being on the cutting edge of technology for many years has allowed B&G a special insiders view into the most exciting and technologically advanced grand-prix racing as well as major boat build projects and every lesson...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 5

Regatta Support Regatta Support With at least one sailing event somewhere in the world virtually every day, B&G's dedication to offering extensive global regatta support is key in our customer commitment to you. Our close relationships with local dealers and specialists ensures good support at all events and at the larger regattas you will see B&G's own team providing an unequalled level of service to all B&G users. This means skilled technicians are on hand to offer you help and advice and also gives us direct feedback on B&G products and how they are used. B&G notification of regattas and...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 6

System Grand Prix Racer Boats that would use this system ■ Custom-built racing yachts e.g. TP52 ■ Performance super yachts e.g. Wally Yachts in this class require certain ■ Flexibility to add a variety of sensors Benefits of this system ■ The WTP2 Processor provides the most accurate data available, wind data is corrected to remove the errors induced by the motion of the yacht which is measured by a dedicated multi-axis rate-gyro sensor large variety of inputs and can be programmed by the user to suit their particular requirements ■ IMU sensor provides highly accurate 10Hz Heading, Heel and...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 7

Boats that use the system ■ Cruising and racing multihulls ■ Shorthanded and single handed racing System Requirements ■ Dual boat speed inputs with independent calibration, automatically switching to optimum sensor ■ Measurement and calculation of key wind data with correction for mast rotation angle ■ Ability to correct linearity errors in boat speed measurement over a wide speed range ■ Pilot with Halcyon Gyro-Stabilised Compass ■ Dual Speed sensors ■ Mast Rotation sensor Benefits of this system ■ Hercules Performance CPU automatically selects the relevant boat speed sensor, and...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 8

Blue Water Cruiser Boats that would use this system ■ Quality, comfortable cruising yachts e.g. Swan, Hallberg Rassy and Oyster System Requirements ■ Durable, reliable instruments ■ Traditional unobtrusive styling ■ Integrated chart plotter solution ■ Integral cruising features e.g. alarm systems Benefits of this system ■ Performance, reliability and durability proven in the world's toughest ocean races and ■ Additional safety and cruising features including extensive alarm options, logs and dead-reckoning features ■ Barometric Pressure and Air Temperature sensors for monitoring weather...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 9

System Day Cruiser/Club Racer Boats that would use this system ■ Smaller production cruising yachts e.g. X-34, System Requirements ■ Easy to use, intuitive, system ■ The same high level of quality and reliability as the more advanced systems ■ Straight-forward display of data for less- experienced crew Benefits of this system ■ An easy to use interface with intuitive menu ■ Graphical display with user configurable pages for single or multiple lines of ■ Analogue Apparent Wind Angle display gives clearer understanding of the data for less-experienced sailors ■ An ACP Pilot with Graphical...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 10

B&G H3000 - Welcome to the next generation. The constant challenge to develop new technological solutions has culminated in a wealth of experience and knowledge, enabling B&G to harness technical developments and provide proven solutions for every sailor's need. Designed to appeal to both the serious cruising and racing owner, H3000 is an evolution of a successful formula that consists of race proven technology and brand new elements, which redefine electronic excellence. Improvements experienced with the new H3000 system are striking, with particular advances in display technology, ease of...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 11

H3000 Base Packs provide a starting point when system building base packs include a graphical display and a CPU along with nstallation accessories and documentation. Refer to page 27 to determine what level of CPU functionality you require. BGH300001 Hydra Base Pack with mono GFD Simnet Power Cable 2m, terminated as above with colour GFD in place of mono) Hercules Base Pack with mono GFD Simnet Power Cable 2m, terminated ■ as above with colour GFD in place of mono) Hercules Performance Base Pack with includes Deckman Simnet Power Cable 2m, terminated - as above with colour GFD in place of...

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Product Catalogue 2008 - 12

Graphical Function Display (GFD) The Graphical Function Display (GFD) acts as both a flexible display unit and a controller for the H3000 system. The high-resolution graphical display allows the use of both graphical data representation and a very intuitive user interface. Both colour and monochrome versions are available - monochrome versions are intended for on-deck use and viewing from distance, the colour version is designed to allow additional clarity in short-range applications such as nav stations, cabins and pedestal mounts. Supply Voltage Power Consumption lights on/off Display...

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