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A Passion for Sailing B&G has been at the cutting edge of sailing innovation for 50 years. Whether you’re motivated by the thrill of your next race or a passion for cruising, our electronics are designed for you. CRUISING PHOTO: PHOTOTHÈQUE LAGOON - NICOLAS CLARIS Our racing heritage gives us an unrivalled platform for developing new technology, which is put through its paces by the world’s best, in the most challenging conditions. You’ll find B&G powering Grand Prix victories and inspiring the adventures of cruising sailors.

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Catalogue 2015 - 4

Chartplotters The Zeus chartplotter family comes loaded with sailingspecific navigation so that you can stay focussed on what you love most, sailing. Enjoy the benefits of 50 years of sailing expertise with exclusive sailing navigation features including SailSteer, Laylines, Sailing Time, GoFree™, GRIB weather, WindPlot, TimePlot and much more... Zeus2 Features SAILING-SPECIFIC FEATURES GOFREE™ WIRELESS COMPATIBLE MULTI-TOUCH SCREEN VIDEO INPUT & OUTPUT ULTRA-SLIM DESIGN SIZES AVAILABLE BRIGHT, WIDESCREEN DISPLAY LAYLINES WITH SAILING TIME WINDPLOT INTEGRATED PILOT CONTROL NMEA 2000®, 0183...

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Catalogue 2015 - 5

PHOTO: PHOTOTHÈQUE LAGOON - NICOLAS CLARIS NEW Zeus2 Glass Helm Zeus Glass Helm is a super-fast, smart dual-screen multifunction navigation system for large cruising and performance sailboats. Realise unprecedented sailing navigation with B&G’s composite SailSteer sailing information screen, WindPlot and Sailing Time calculations. Zeus2 Glass Helm features independent output, quad core high-power processing and intuitive multi-touch control and delivers lightningfast charting, radar and sonar. Plus smart Autorouting and Easy Routing capabilities with extensive network compatibility. 2 SIZES...

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Catalogue 2015 - 6

B&G CATALOGUE » THE BENEFITS OF SAILING WITH B&G CHARTPLOTTERS The Benefits of Sailing with B&G Ch Sailing Overview See heading, COG and your current layline Compass Scale View true wind, tide, opposite tack heading, bearing to waypoint and other critical data Rudder Angle Indicator Shows angle of rudder blade Navigation Data Indicator Shows name of active waypoint, mag/true heading reference and magnetic variation Access and monitor your radar output conveniently from the chartplotter display for total control and awareness in a fully integrated sailing navigation system. This wireless...

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Catalogue 2015 - 7

B&G CATALOGUE » THE BENEFITS OF SAILING WITH B&G CHARTPLOTTERS hartplotters TWA Indicator Confirms if you are on target and alerts when off wind angle, target or reaching Autopilot Control Waypoint Visualise your next target destination Engage and take charge of the autopilot direct from your B&G chartplotter and enjoy the reassurance of seamless compatibility and control, while you sit back and relax. Opposite Tack Layline Includes port tack, current value and min/max over recent history H5000 Control Tide View current direction and speed of tide Control and monitor your complete H5000...

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Catalogue 2015 - 8

B&G CATALOGUE » ZEUS MODULES Zeus Modules NEW ForwardScan® ForwardScan®* forward-looking sonar shows you what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. Enjoy a clear and easy to read image of the bottom ahead of your boat as ForwardScan® transmits and receives up to ten times faster for real-time updates. Sail poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently, avoid upcoming dangers or obstructions and set custom shallow depth alarms. With an effective range eight times the actual depth, ForwardScan helps you avoid groundings or damage to running gear, keels and rudders...

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Catalogue 2015 - 9

B&G CATALOGUE » ZEUS MODULES Broadband Radar Enjoy a crystal clear image from the bow of your boat. This low power solid state technology offers unrivalled close-range target discrimination. InstantOn™ provides zero warm up time. See and be seen. Reduce your risk of collision with this latest generation, fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder. Compact in size, lightweight, fully waterproof, with low power draw. The Zeus ZG100 GPS Antenna provides high accuracy position, course and speed ten times every second ensuring maximum confidence in the displayed position. This marine-grade...

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Catalogue 2015 - 10

B&G CATALOGUE » TRITON SYSYTEMS Triton Systems Triton instruments, autopilots and sensors bring B&G’s sailing expertise and world class performance to cruising yachtsmen and club racers. They’re easy to use, built tough and packed with unique sailing features you can trust. Combined with Zeus series chartplotters, Triton provides an unbeatable sailing system. Triton Display Large 4.1” display Unique bonded LCD Brightest display in class Broadband Radar Crystal clear image Excellent target detection and discrimination Composite Wind Display Full colour Largest digit size in class...

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Catalogue 2015 - 11

HV Displays Triton instrument displays can be easily networked together with 10/10 and 20/20 HV displays for the ultimate cruiser/racer system. See what you want, where you want with B&G’s bright, full colour “do it all” instrument display. The unique bonded LCD combines zero risk of condensation with an extremely wide viewing angle and displays custom sailing data like weather trends plus Pilot, wind, speed and depth information. Begin building your sailing system with a Triton Pack. HIGHLY VISIBLE BONDED LCD BRIGHT SCREEN WITH HIGH CONTRAST H-VISION TECHNOLOGY ZERO CONDENSATION FAST,...

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Catalogue 2015 - 12

B&G CATALOGUE » TRITON PILOTS Triton Pilots B&G Pilots have proven their outstanding accuracy and reliability by steering many of the world’s top helmsmen to gruelling ocean race victory. This race-winning, performance autopilot technology is now available for the cruising sailor in an easy to use package. Triton autopilot systems can be configured to suit almost every helm requirement. Follow our simple 3-step process below to specify a system that matches your requirements. Choose from a selection of display and control options ranging from a fully integrated Zeus system to a dedicated...

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