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Grand Prix Racing 13

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Volvo Ocean Race 1973-1974 Saluya II 1977-1978 Flyer 1981-1982 Flyer II 1985-1986 L’Esprit d’Equipe 1989-1990 Steinlager2 1993-1994 NZ Endeavour 1997-1998 EF Language Vendee Globe Podium (1/2/3) 2016 2001-2002 Illbruck Challenge 2005-2006 ABN Amro 2008-2009 Ericsson 4 2011-2012 Groupama 4 2014-2015 Abu Dhabi 2017-2018 Dongfeng Race Team Sydney Hobart Line Honours 2017 Round World Non Stop Single Handed – Macif 2018 Crewed – IDEC 2017 Super Maxi - Topaz Wally - Lyra Mini Maxi - Momo B&G Heritage Grand Prix racing is our heritage. For more than 60 years, B&G sailing equipment has been a key...

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2019 Catalog - 5

Our commitment B&G delivers Grand Prix racing technology to every sailor. Listen to the call of the sea and explore with ease, knowing you have the best equipment on board to ensure you have a smooth journey, wherever you sail.

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2019 Catalog - 6

Our Journey We want you to spend more time sailing and less time planning or configuring your boat’s systems. Reliability and precision are in our DNA, connectivity is our future. Embark Nautical maps, made simple! High-quality charts in a clear and sleek design for your phone, tablet and computer. Create waypoints, plan routes anywhere and sync them to your chartplotter on board your boat. Download now for free, or visit www.letsembark.io Enhance your boat with vessel-wide monitoring and control capabilities. Extend the functionality of your chartplotter to monitor and display a wealth of...

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2019 Catalog - 7

Top Innovations 2018 Wireless wind sensor WS320 Precise wind data with no compromises. This wireless sensor provides performance at a level previously only available from wired sensors. For more information see page 25. HALO™24 Introducing an almost real-time view, with industry-first 60 RPM operation for the ultimate in collision avoidance. Detect dangers immediately at ranges of up to 48 nautical miles from a compact light dome radar. For more information see page 24.

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2019 Catalog - 8

Coastal Cruising Vulcan Chartplotter Accurate and clear charting is essential while exploring unfamiliar waters, Vulcan delivers this and more with SailSteer, Laylines and SailingTime for accurate sailing navigation. B&G’s Link app creates a virtual second navigation station on your phone or tablet, for navigation anywhere on board. Broadband Radar™ Sailing at night or in fog can be stressful, Broadband Radar™ will display hazards, traffic and channel markers clearly on screen to guide you confidently to your destination. Overlay radar onto your chart to help identify fixed objects while...

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2019 Catalog - 9

CLUB RACING VHF Communication V20 provides a simple to use and fully featured DSC VHF. Use Dual-Watch to follow the race committee on a dedicated channel, while monitoring your normal working channel at the same time. Initiate a boat-to-boat call to an AIS target direct from your B&G chartplotter screen. Vulcan Chartplotter At-a-glance knowledge that you are in safe waters while racing is crucial, Vulcan takes the core navigation element of a chartplotter and adds B&G's unique scaled StartLine feature, tidally corrected Laylines and accurate time to mark with SailingTime. B&G's Link app...

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2019 Catalog - 10

Bluewater Cruising Zeus3 Chartplotter Zeus3 includes B&G’s clearest SolarMax HD touchscreen alongside a fully-functional keypad for control in all conditions, while the back-lighting dims to almost zero for strain-free night passages. Zeus3’s multi-station capability allows you to view and control charting, radar, autopilot, ForwardScan™ and much more from any display. ForwardScan® The ideal companion for exploring badly-charted and unfamiliar anchorages, B&G’s award-winning ForwardScan® forward-looking sonar shows what lies ahead of your boat under the water, with approaching depth...

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2019 Catalog - 11

Performance Racing Vertical Wind Sensors Wind speed and direction are two of the most crucial pieces of data for the navigator, the performance of B&G’s wind sensors, combined with the advanced wind calibrations available in H5000, can easily make the difference at the finish line. HV Displays Designed to provide the key sailing information within the crew’s line of sight while sailing, the HV displays are built to survive in one of the most exposed areas on the boat, delivering absolute clarity from almost any angel in any weather. H5000 Instruments B&G’s highly-developed and tested wind...

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2019 Catalog - 12

© Carlo Borlenghi / Nautor Swan HV Displays Zeus3 Glass Helm Zeus3 Glass Helm is a super-fast, large-screen multifunction display that sits at the heart of your fully integrated navigation system. Glass Helm provides premium touchscreens up to 24” with remote keypad control and multiple units can be networked around the yacht. Designed to provide the key sailing information within the crew’s line of sight while sailing, the 40/40 HV displays allow data to be read clearly even from the helm of the largest yachts. Glass Helm includes B&G’s unique sailing features, combined with radar,...

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2019 Catalog - 13

B&G 2019 » GRAND PRIX RACING Grand Prix Racing © Paul Wyeth / pwpictures.com Vertical Wind Sensors Recognising the early stages of a forecast change in the wind can be a race-winning moment, the performance of B&G’s wind sensors, combined with the advanced wind calibrations available in WTP3, can easily make the difference at the finish line. HALO24 Radar HALO24 provides high accuracy target tracking, allowing you to keep an eye on your competitors’ speed and direction while they are out of sight. VelocityTrack™ target colouring can quickly alert you to a change in relative speeds. Halo...

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2019 Catalog - 14

Chartplotters Designed to be as intuitive as a tablet or smartphone, B&G chartplotters are a one-destination screen to get all the information you need to set sail and navigate with total confidence. B&G offers you the widest choice of charts for sailing, from mapping leaders C-MAP and Navionics® to specialist chart provider NV Digital and many more for accurate, informed navigation. See what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. Sail poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently with a clear image of the bottom ahead of your boat. Access and monitor your radar...

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