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AYRLITE 2071 Acoustic Honeycomb Panel DESCRIPTION AYRLITE® 2071 is a revolutionary fibre-free, lightweight sound absorbing aluminium honeycomb panel. It is faced on one side with a flat micro-perforated aluminium sheet (AYRLITE® 2071 | FLAT) or with a corrugated microperforated aluminium sheet (AYRLITE® 2071 | CORR). The panel has outstanding sound absorption, particularly at low frequencies. The sound absorption properties are unique and remarkable for such a low weight and fibre-free material. Being all-aluminium, AYRLITE® 2071 has very good fire performance. Health and safety features are also excellent because there are no loose fibres. Although principally developed for high-performance marine vessel interior applications, AYRLITE® 2071 is also attracting interest in other marine sectors, restaurants, construction and mining industries. • Fully compliant with European Union Marine • Outstanding sound absorption especially at low frequencies Equipment Directive (EU-MED) 96/98/EC. May be used on vessels constructed, registered or operated in the European Union • Free of any fibrous or dust producing materials • Low weight, high stiffness & easy to fabricate • DNV Type Examination Certificate, for C-Class applications (on SOLAS and HSC vessels) • Fully Recyclable; all-aluminium • DNV Type Approval, for C-Class applications (on SOLAS • Standard panel thickness is 40mm. Panels may be • US Coast Guard Certificate of Approval manufactured to any thickness from 6mm to 80mm • Panels may be tuned to absorb particular problem frequencies by simply selecting appropriate panel thickness • IMO MSC 61(67) Fire Test Procedures Code compliant • Mill finish microperforated aluminium face sheets are 5000 • Meets IMO Res.A.653(16) Surface Spread of Flame test • Meets ISO 1182 requirements for Non- Combustibility of • Mill finish aluminium backing sheets are available in a range of aluminium honeycomb core series alloy, for maximum strength & anti-corrosion performance • Aluminium honeycomb core meets the requirements of • AYRLITE® 2071 | FLAT face sheet is 0.9mm thick, AMS-C-7438 for salt fog anti-corrosion performance AYRLITE® 2071 | CORR is 1.0mm thick • Attractive powder coated and anodized finishes are • Patent Pending AYRES Lightweight Panel Systems

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AYRLITE 2071 Acoustic Honeycomb Panel SOUND ABSORPTION AYRLITE® 2071 achieves very high sound absorption The absorptive frequency range can be adjusted to as low without using combustible materials, or conventional as 250Hz, where effective sound absorption is difficult to fibrous materials. achieve using traditional materials. It is able to reduce interior noise and improve interior Sound absorption coefficients to ISO 354-2006 for the acoustic quality. two different types of surface finishes are shown in the graph below. The peak absorption frequency of AYRLITE® 2071 can be tailored to...

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SOUND TRANSMISSION LOSS As well as outstanding sound absorption capabilities, AYRLITE® is also very good for Sound Transmission Loss. The Sound Reduction Index to ISO 717.1 for the AYRLITE® | FLAT and AYRLITE® | CORR can be found in the graph below. The Transmission loss can be even further improved by embedding Quadzero® or similar material into the panel. Further information available on request. 1/3 OCTAVE CENTRE FREQUENCY AYRES Lightweight Panel Systems SOUND TRANSMISSION LOST dB

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AYRLITE 2071 Acoustic Honeycomb Panel PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PERMORMANCE Thickness Long Beam Climbing Drum Peel Flatwise Compression Typical room temperature properties for 0.5mm aluminium backed panels. Mechanical test procedures to AMS-STD-401 AVAILABILITY Standard Dimensions 2400mm x 1200mm Panel Thicknesss Made to order, minimum thickness 6mm, max. 80mm standard thickness 40mm FABRICATION The micro-perforated surface is installed facing the noise source. AYRLITE® 2071 can be easily cut and drilled with standard tools, such as circular saws, routers etc. Negative rake blades are...

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