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Decorative Faced, Aluminium Honeycomb Panel DATA SHEET Issue 1 ^^^r Lightweight Panel Systems AYRLITE 2065 is an aluminium honeycomb panel faced with decorative HPL laminate. Panels are produced with the same colour/finish laminate to both faces to ensure panel flatness. AYRLITE 2065 is specifically designed to provide a lightweight panel with high stiffness and strength for the interior fit out of private marine craft. Strain-hardened hexagonal cell aluminium honeycomb has optimum mechanical properties and is able to carry shear loads at significantly lower weight than foams or other core types. of aluminium honeycomb core. • 6.35mm cell size, aluminium honeycomb • Aluminium honeycomb core meets the anti-corrosion performance. • Hot bonded adhesive process. • Range of decorative finishes available. • High stiffness and strength. • Wide selection of anodised aluminium assembly extrusions available. • Wall linings. Internal modules eg. galleys, toilets, etc. AYRLITE 2065 can be easily cut and drilled with standard tools, such as circular saws, routers etc. Components or complete interiors can be fabricated using Ayres Composite Panels' aluminium extrusions, cutters and polyurethane paste adhesives. Traditional tongue-and-groove (mortice and tenon) methods can also be used. A CD is available, showing assembly techniques (contact Ayres Composite Panels for details). NOTE: Unbalanced exposure of the panel faces to ambient moisture levels during transport and storage can induce bow in some panels; typically the top and/or bottom panel of a pack. To restore moisture balance and flatness, simply expose the concave face to the atmosphere

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Decorative Faced, Aluminium Honeycomb Panel Lightweight Panel Systems Physical and Mechanical Performance Typical room temperature properties for 1mm decorative laminate faced panels. Mechanical test procedures to MIL-STD-401 Standard Dimensions Panel Thicknesss Made to order, minimum thickness 6mm As with cutting operations on most materials, avoid inhalation and eye contact with machining dust. Wear protective equipment such as hearing protection and safety glasses during any cutting operations. Use machine guards. Wear gloves to avoid cuts. Wash hands before eating, drinking or smoking...

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