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Decorative Faced, Aluminium Honeycomb Panel DESCRIPTION AYRLITE® 2053 is an aluminium honeycomb panel with decorative laminate faces reinforced with aluminium sheet. Strain-hardened hexagonal cell aluminium honeycomb has optimum mechanical properties and is able to carry shear loads at much lower weight than foam or other core types. Minimal content of combustible materials means a low fire load, enabling AYRLITE® 2053 to achieve flame spread test requirements. AYRLITE® 2053 has been principally developed for highperformance marine vessel interior applications. • Meets IMO Res.A.653(16) Surface Spread of Flame test • Meets ISO 1182 requirements for Non- Combustibility of • High stiffness aluminium honeycomb core • Easy to fabricate • Meets ISO 5659-2 requirements for Smoke and Toxicity • Wide range of decorative options: colours, patterns, • Aluminium honeycomb core meets the requirements of AMS-C-7438 for salt fog anti-corrosion performance • Panels are produced with the same decorative laminate on both faces, or with a backing/lining laminate on the reverse face • Decorative faces are reinforced with aluminium sheet. A broad range of reinforcement sheet thicknesses are 0.5mm is the standard reinforcement thickness • Aluminium reinforcement sheets can be selected with different thicknesses on different faces: for example, 0.8mm for front face, 0.3mm for back face • Aluminium reinforcement sheets are 5000-series alloy for maximum strength and anti-corrosion performance • Aluminium honeycomb cell size is 6.35mm • Wide selection of AYRLITE® Profiles & Assembly AYRES Lightweigt Panel Systems

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Decorative Faced, Aluminium Honeycomb Panel PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PERMORMANCE Thickness Long Beam Flatwise Tensile Flatwise Compression Typical room temperature properties for laminate faced panels, reinforced with 0.5mm aluminium sheet Mechanical test procedures to AMS-STD-401 AVAILABILITY Standard Dimensions SAFETY As with cutting operations on most materials, avoid inhalation and eye contact with machining dust. Wear protective equipment such as hearing protection and Panel Thicknesss safety glasses during any cutting operations. Use machine Made to order, minimum thickness 6mm guards....

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