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Rover Ribs

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Made for life Boats 2007 Rover Ribs

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Welcome to Avon Boating Avon welcomes you to our 2007 collection of the very best in inflatables and Rib boating. Founded on our fine traditions of quality, value and pursuing our programme of flair and innovation, the Avon range has the best inflatable and Rib products for all those special on water occasions. From small inflatable tenders to stylish sophisticated Ribs and Jets, the Avon range is the hallmark of all that is best in the world of inflatable boating. Craftsmen built and excellence in professional styling and design, the world leading Avon range is made for life on the water...

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Quality in build and design AVON uses the best available materials from our Hypalon® (*) coated fabrics, immensely strong, wear resistant and waterproof, providing a craft that is virtually unaffected by weather (and excesses of heat, cold or humidity), fuel, oil, strong sunlight and everyday abrasion, to our highest quality adhesives, fibreglass mouldings, woodwork and inflation valves. We provide you with the best in class components, the best in industry standard. Our buoyancy tubes are all internally sealed and with great attention to the design engineering of our construction, we...

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An optional adjustable 4 point davit lifting kit can be fitted by your Dealer. The Rover Ribs include as standard 3 built-in lifting points. The bow locker is ideal for safety equipment, foot pump or small anchor. Length Overall Beam Overall Weight Boat ft/in m ft/in m lbs kg 9' 2" 2.80 5' 3" 1.60 135 61 R 310 Rib 10' 2" 3.10 5' 3" 1.60 161 R 340 Rib 11' 2" 3.40 5' 3" 1.60 178 R 280 Rib 24 Capacity Persons Payload Max Engine Remote Tiller Max Performance lbs kg hp kW hp kW mph kph 3 1014 460 10 7.5 10 7.5 19 30 73 4 1146 520 15 11 15 11 27 43 81 5 1247 566 25 19 15 11 32 51 + child

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Rover Ribs Avon Rover Ribs are a real favourite choice amongst boaters, with large diameter tubes and well designed hulls providing stability, buoyancy and comfort. Great on-water performance is a hallmark of the Avon Rover Rib range, long established as an industry leader in this class. As a tender, runabout or leisure craft, this range now substantially improved is a real winner. The Rover Ribs series include moulded non-skid inner decks and bow lockers (R 310 Rib and R 340 Rib) as standard, together with chunky rub strakes for greater protection and great new looks. Available in light...

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(length x width x height) cm Assembly Time approx. (1 ) Engine weights and power rating. Always ensure that the weight and power rating of your engine does not exceed the capacity of your craft. Avon advise that the maximum engine sizes for its craft can be used safely on corresponding craft. (2) Dimensions shown do not Include outboard engines. Dimensions for Adventure include standard seating and consoles. (3) Recreational Craft Directive No. 94/25/EC is a legal requirement within the EEC only, and Is applicable to craft 2.5 m to 24 m overall length. * with slatted floor Buying the right...

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Rover Ribs Rover Lite Rover Inflatables Storage Tender Rigid Fast Tender Water Sports/Skiing

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• Optional Equipment Integral marine ply transom / drain plug Rigid fibreglass "V" hull / transom / drain Moulded Anti skid fibreglass deck Lifting capability Fuel tank stowage / retainers Built-in fuel tank/gauge Battery stowage Heavy duty deck / drain port Launching wheels Transom mounted "A" frame Navigation lights _Rubbing strake Lifelines / grab handles / grab rail Outboard bracket Rowlocks / oars Extended buoyancy tubes Bow moulded cleat / bow grab / lift handle Moulded cleat / grab / lift handles Towing bridle patches Overall cover Bow towing / lifting handle Fabric grab / lift...

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Other Products and specifications Total safety and finest quality Liferafts AVON has a long pedigree in the design and manufacture of liferafts. An investment in an AVON liferaft is an investment in the finest quality and safety money can buy. See our separate specialist Liferaft brochure for details. Riverboats AVON Riverboats can be found on most of the world’s most challenging and exhilarating white water rivers. The preferred choice of many professionals, AVON Riverboats have provided the ultimate in excitement and safety for over 30 years. See our separate specialist Riverboat brochure...

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UK - Avon Inflatables Limited. Dafen, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA14 8NA United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 1554 882000 Fax: +44 (0) 1554 882039 Your Local Dealer Avon Inflatables is a supporter of North America Avon Marine Inc., 540 Thompson Creek Road Stevensville, MD 21666 USA Tel: +01 410.604.3616 Fax: +01 410.643.4491 RNLI is a Registered charity N°209603 The overall appearances of the watercraft depicted in this catalog are trademarks of Avon. Web Site: National Marine Manufacturers Association, USA. Association of Marine Traders UK. Products...

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