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E ASY, SAFE & FU N Specialists in small transportable boats since 2005, Les Ateliers de La Gazelle des Sables offer a range of designs, from dinghies to small family sailboats. www.LaGazelleDesSables.com

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4 Our workshops 5 Modular and evolutive designs THE GAZELLES, AURIC MODULAR SAILBOAT 7 La Gazelle des Sables 8 La Gazelle Breizh 9 La Gazelle des îles SAILING, ROWING BOATS AND UTILITY CHARMING BOATS Le Loustic 11 Le Lascar du Toul’Ru 12 Morgat 320 13 MOTORBOAT 15 De l’Orchère

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O U R W O R K S H O P S , L E S AT E L I E R S DE LA GAZELLE DES SABLES Les Ateliers de La Gazelle des Sables, a human-scale craft enterprise, has been producing 50 boats a year since 2005. Based in the Maine-et-Loire region of France, the company exports its sailboats, rowboats and motor boats to the other side of the world, and the Gazelle community extends to over 800 families. Patrick Besnié, naval architect and builder for over 30 years, is also a composite materials engineer. His industrial experience enables him to select the best technologies and raw materials for perfect production...

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MODULAR AND EVOLUTIVE DESIGNS With us, our boats can have several lives, several functions, several captains, and satisfy everyone at once. Their versatility guarantees a unique sailing experience that can be customized in seconds. One or more sails, electric motor or oars, ... We’re committed to meeting all your specific needs and desires, to get you as close as possible to the boat that’s right for you. By selecting modular options and accessories, owners can also enhance and personalize their craft over time. Whether by adding navigation equipment, comfort solutions or additional safety...

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With its small sailboat and mini keelboat characteristics, the Gazelle des Sables creates sensations with simplicity, fun and safety. For all sailing lovers, every day of the year. The Gazelle des Sables is made from advanced composite materials. This ensures that it is extremely light when transported to different areas of water, using a lightweight trailer or beach cart. This boat is designed for versatility. It can be sailed, rowed or fitted with a small, silent electric motor, as you prefer. La Gazelle des Sables offers evolutionary options. Owners can add a variety of equipment and...

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Lively and responsive, La Gazelle Breizh will let you discover the pleasures of a dinghy and the comfort of a keelboat. This small sailboat combines tradition, modernity and sporting performance, offering a dynamic and enjoyable sailing experience. The Gazelle Breizh takes its inspiration from the old tuna boats, while revisiting their materials to improve performance and durability. Its aesthetic and functional design reflects the pleasures of a dinghy and the comfort of a keelboat, while offering slim lines for more responsive sailing. Compared with the other models in the range, the...

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Family-friendly, clever and comfortable, this boat is specially designed to offer an accessible, safe and enjoyable sailing experience for small groups. Like all our small transportable boats, La Gazelle des îles features a large floating volume, making it impossible to sink. Its self-draining floor at anchor offers comfortable ergonomics for 4 to 5 people. In our range of small transportable sailboats, this one is 3.9 m long and weighs just 120 kg, making nautical excursions comfortable and fun for all ages. This boat offers excellent stability, essential for the safety of its crew. Its...

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As a pontoon boat, this little boat is functional, durable and versatile. As a beach craft, Le Loustic also invites you to go rock-hopping solo or in pairs. A truly charming, unsinkable 2.30meter long boat, Le Loustic boasts an elegant, refined style. Thanks to innovative injection processes, the rigid polyester hull weighs just 25 kg. This simplifies transport and storage: on the car rack, behind a bike, on the deck, in davits, or even vertically on a balcony. It’s also a quality factor for durable equipment. The polyester hull of this attractive boat is based on shapes that contribute to...

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With its 55 kg empty weight, the Toul’Ru Lascar is very easy to handle. Its lightness makes it easy to handle, whether you’re transporting it to different locations or putting it in the water. Its shallow water draft of 25 cm means it can explore areas inaccessible to larger boats, following the rhythm of the tide. Despite its lightness, the Toul’Ru Lascar offers great stability on the water. Its sturdy polyester fiber construction and well-defined center of gravity ensure safe navigation, even on your first tacks. This boat stands out for its ease of use: ready in less than 3 minutes, it...

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Explore forgotten coves, fish in the sea and river, introduce your kids to rowing, sculling and, why not, sailing. Enjoy the simplicity of a variety of water activities with the Morgat 320. Easy to live with, the Morgat 320 reinvents the transportable fishing boat. Easy to handle, equip and maneuver, this small, multipurpose craft ensures simple, healthy boating for everyone. The result of close collaboration with inshore fishermen, the Morgat 320 combines comfort and lightness. Its sturdy daggerboard-less design means it can be beached and moored anywhere. No need for a license, sailing a...

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The De L’Orchère boasts high-quality finishes: ivory interior, oiled wood deck, scroll and windscreen, making it a remarkable little outboard. We offer an electric version with an option of up to 4.4 kW, and lithium or conventional batteries that provide up to 18 h of autonomy. A mini outboard with Italian charm, the De l’Orchère is a lightweight boat with a silent electric motor. Great for entertaining, the De L’Orchère offers you the thrills and spills of a ride on the water, in a neo-retro style worthy of exceptional vehicles. Share your best moments of fun and relaxation aboard the De...

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