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F I S H I N G B O AT, S A I L B O AT A N D M OTO R B O AT Automatc liquid ballast Light weight Motor, sails and oars Polyvalent Ultra transportable Cockpit modulable Modes de propulsion personalisables contact@LaGazelleDesSables.com www.LaGazelleDesSables.fr

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WITH NO NEED OF LICENCE, SAILING THE MORGAT 320 IS A DELIGHT THAT ALL CAN SAVOUR WITH LESS THAN 3 MINUTES PREPARATION. The easy-going Morgat 320 reinvents the concept of transportable fishing. Easy to handle, equip and manoeuvre, this versatile little boat makes sailing safe and simple and available to all. The result of a joint work project with coastal fishermen, the Morgat 320 closely combines comfort and ease. Its robust, drift-free design helps you cast off and moor freely everywhere.

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Le Morgat 320 - 3

WHETHER YOU SIT OR STAND, THE STEERING STATION PROVIDES EXCEPTIONAL VISIBILITY. The Morgat 320, which is unsinkable and bails itself out while moored, boasts a completely flat floor and a set of chests that can be moved around to suit your needs. All of the boat’s equipment is kept in a huge storage box to keep the cockpit free for sizeable items: engine, netting, fishing lines, creels, ...

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T E C H N I C A L S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Réf MOR0 : . Double foam bridged polyester hull, ivory in colour, standard equipment: soft strip of stainless steel, towing chain-plate, grounding keel, launch wheel, slip-proof adhesive strips. Included: oars, rowlocks, bailer, tow-rope. • Standard equipped bridge: 100-mm black cleats, wooden side seats, sail feeder on reinforced rear table, box with top forward • Two multi-purpose polyester composite boxes for helmsmen’s seats. Réf MOR1 : Réf MOR0 with sail equipment : open rudder, stick and cam cleat, 2 gudgeons, 2 pintles and 1 split ring on...

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