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Sailing, oaring or motoring Ultra transportable Customizable equipment Sea and river

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SMALL AND UNSINKABLE B O AT, L E LO U S T I C ’ S S T Y L E IS ELEGANT AND R E F I N E D. As a tender, this little boat is functional, durable and versatile. As a beach craft, Le Loustic also invites you to go rockhopping solo or in pairs. The polyester hull of this attractive boat is based on shapes that contribute to its natural stability. It proves exceptionally stable and functional for both provisioning and transporting crew. It also features an interior lined with polyurethane foam, making Le Loustic impossible to cast. C L E V E R LY D E S I G N E D THE MAST AND ALL LOUSTIC’S...

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SEVERAL PROPULSION MODES YOUR CHOICE OF : PADDLE, SCULL, OAR, ELECTRIC MOTOR OR SAIL. Both a boat and a sailing dinghy, the Kit Voile can be adapted to any situation, and provides a fun, easy-to-use sailing dinghy to keep the crew entertained at anchor and during the winter. Thanks to innovative injection processes, the rigid polyester hull weighs just 25 kg. This simplifies transport and storage: on the car rack, behind a bike, on the deck, in davits, or even vertically on a balcony. It’s also a quality factor for durable equipment.

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Unsinkable CE standard & technical approval 100% Made in France Double-walled polyester, foamed under vacuum Cockpit drain Length x width Dry weight Water draft Air draft Max. load Outboard motor Electric power Sail surface Options Gamme spéciale professionnels et location Wood-paneled bridge, motor, oars, ... Special adaptation for School, Club, Rental, Charter 90 rue de la Soie, ZA de la Mûrie, 49 170 St Georges sur Loire, France +33(0)6 61 38 17 80 (le vendredi toute la journée et SAS PB CONCEPT - Société par actions simplifiée au capital de 50 000 euros. RM49 Siren : 801 464 272...

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