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Hyperstable Electric assistance Modular cockpit Evolutive sail Customizable equipement Family friendly Ballasted Gaff sloop

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ERGONOMIC AND MODULABLE, LA GAZELLE DES ÎLES IS A MODEL OF SAFE AURIC SAILING. In our “small transportable sailboat” range, the sailboat La Gazelle des Iles is 3.9m long and weighs only 120kg. It can accommodate up to 5 people on board, to welcome friends or your favorite crew members. A ROUNDED HULL FOR SMOOTH SAILI

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EVOLUTIONARY SAILS, S T E E R I N G S AT I S FA C T I O N This elegant sailing boat combines simplicity and safety in all sailing zones, maximizing your pleasure on the water. Cat-boat for smooth sailing or windy weather Medium power with the gaff Cutter Unbridled power and remarkable style with the Gaff Sloop and Schooner

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A READY-TO-SAIL STANDART, AN EVOLUTIVE SAILS AND MODULAR ACCESSORIES: A MULTITUDE OF VARIATIONS TO MEET PERSONAL NEEDS! Electric assistance : 2h non-stop autonomy at a speed of 2 knots in standart. Silent, invisible and functional, it’s perfect for discovering protected natural areas, responding to wind failures, countering moderate currents and pulling off tricky maneuvers ... without interfering with your pleasure! Up to 5 knots top speed.

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Self-righting Unsinkable Year on year scalable equipment Ajustable sails in minutes Self bailing lenght x Width x Height Dry weight / Liquid ballast Water draft Air draft Maximum load Outboard motor Optional outboard motor frame Adaptable in the Ateliers Puissance maxi Electrique Surface de voilure Sails plan Upgradable fractionnal sails, freeboard mainsail, selftacking battened jib, collapsible mast Wooden deck, oars, fitted motor, ... Special adaptation for school, club, rental, charter Options Gamme spéciale professionnels et location 90 rue de la Soie, ZA de la Mûrie, 49 170 St Georges...

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