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La Gazelle Breizh - 1

Hyperstable Self-righting Unsinkabme Evolutiv equipment

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La Gazelle Breizh - 2

FEISTY AND SENSITIVE, LA GAZELLE BREIZH W I L L H E L P YO U DISCOVER THE PLEASURE OF PERFORMANCE A dynamic sailboat over 3 m long, perfect for sporty outings, the Gazelle Breizh remains extremely stable and offers great safety to its crew of up to 4 adults.

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La Gazelle Breizh - 3

T H E E V O LV I N G A U R I C S A I L , T O S U I T A L L TA S T E S ! A PERFECT BALANCE UNDER SAIL, A SURPRISE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Moderate to medium power for Cat Boats and Cutters : for your first outings and tough conditions Unleashed power in an Auric Sloop : for enhanced sensations

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La Gazelle Breizh - 4

100KG EMPTY, FOR EASY SET-UP AND TO BE READYTO-SAIL IN 15 MINUTES Inspired by the tuna boats of the Ile de Groix, the Gazelle Breizh has a traditional style that stands the test of time. It’s instantly adaptable to your every whim. A silent electric motorization option is available on request for added comfort and safety.

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La Gazelle Breizh - 5

Self-righting Unsinkable Year-on-year scalable equipment Adjustable sails in minutes Self-bailing ngth x Width x Height Dry weight / Liquid ballast Water draft Air draft Max. load Outboard motor Electric power Sail surface Sails plan Upgradable and fractional sails, no boom mainsail, self-tacking battened jib, collapsible mast Wooden deck, oars, fitted motor, ... Gamme spéciale professionnels et location Special adaptation for School, Club, Rental, Charter 90 rue de la Soie, ZA de la Mûrie, 49 170 St Georges sur Loire, France +33(0)6 61 38 17 80 (le vendredi toute la journée et le Samedi...

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