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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES CANARY ISLANDS Geographically, the archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the northwest coast of Africa, north of the Tropic of Cancer, between latitudes 1 1 5 kilometres from the African coast and a little over 1.000 miles from the Iberian Peninsula.

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GRAN CANARIA GRAN CANARIA Gran Canada The name of "Fortunate Islands" is given, among other reasons, because of its eternal spring climate, with a temperature that varies a mere 6° C between the seasons, providing the possibility of sunbathing and swimming in the sea throughout the entire year, with an average temperature of between 1 8 and Situated just a little more than 6° above the Tropic of Cancer, very near the African coast and bathed by the trade winds, the climate is subtropical. At the same time, the variety of terrain, with tall mountains, create a fascinating climatic diversity....

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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES The island of Gran Canaria has an area of 1521 km2 representing 21 % of the total territory of the archipelago and a population of 838,397, of whom 381,847 reside in the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The island possesses an extensive marine and terrestrial infrastructure network to ensure fast and efficient transportation of passengers and goods. Gran Canaria Airport is among the five busiest in the country. Located just 1 5 minutes from the city, it receives an average of 1 0,000,000 passengers each year via the leading airlines of the Gran...

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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES Often called "The continent in miniature" because of its richness and contrast, Gran Canaria is one of the favourite destinations of Europeans during the cold winter for both holiday periods as well as for the development of professional activities such as congresses, seminars, international conferences and other events of similar nature. This specialization in the tourism sector is based on having one of the best hotel capacities in the country with a total capacity of 153,965 hotel rooms, Recommended hotels: HOTEL AC GRAN CANARIA HOTEL SANTA...

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The Health System in the Canaries is at European quality standards. The island of Gran Canada has modern and efficient health facilities: three large hospitals in the public health service and 1 3 private clinics. Major hospitals and clinics: © HOSPITAL GENERAL DE GRAN CANARIA Plaza Barranco de la Ballena, S/N 0 HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO INSULAR DE LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA Avenida del Alcalde Diaz Saavedra Navarro, S/N HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO MATERNO INFANTIL O HOSPITAL SAN ROQUE MASPALOMAS CLiNICA SANTA CATALINA CLINICA N- S- DEL PERPETUO SOCORRO The Canary Islands are the place with the...

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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES USEFUL INFORMATION To host business meetings, exhibitions and presentations, the island of Gran Canaria has a modern network of centres, among which are included: EL PALACIO DE CONGRESOS DE GRAN CANARIA (INFECAR) AUDITORIO ALFREDO KRAUS (Palacio de Congresos de Gran Canaria) PALACIO DE CONGRESOS DE MASPALOMAS Plaza de las Convenciones s/n. Urbanizacion Las Meloneras. San Bartolorne de Tirajana Thanks to the successive construction of numerous educational centers, the island's educational opportunities have been completed, the most noteworthy the...

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GRAN CANARIA OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION Some 1,000 banking offices representing major national and international financial institutions are in operation in the Canary Islands. The Canaries have consular representation from a large number of countries, many of them with offices or commercial delegations: CONSULATE OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSULATE OF GREAT BRITAIN CONSULATE OF CAPE VERDE CONSULATE OF IVORY COAST CONSULATE OF GUINEA CONAKRI CONSULATE OF EQUATORIAL GUINEA

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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES The Port of Las Palmas lies on the north east coast of the island of Gran Canaria, at latitude It receives natural protection from the volcanic hills of La Isleta, to the north, which act as a barrier against the prevailing north-west trade winds. This protection is reinforced by the Reina Sofia breakwater, which runs north south and is 3.905 metres in length. The port is divided into two dock basins, The Darsena Exterior and Darsena Interior, which are separated by a linear pier, the Muelle Leon y Castillo. There is a total water area of 2.000 A...

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A three-continent platform for all kinds of traffic The strategic location of the Canary Islands, at a crossroads between Africa, Europe and America, is a key factor in the modern-day role of the Port of Las Palmasas a logistics centre for three continents and the busiest port in an area covering the eastern Mid Atlantic and West Africa. These advantages, have led to a comprehensive range of port services, thus creating a sort of universal port of call, equipped to deal with ships and traffic flows of all kinds. It is often said that Las Palmas is really five different types of port...

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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES CANARY ISLANDS SPECIAL ZONE WHAT IS THE CANARY ISLANDS SPECIAL ZONE? zona eswctt' canarta The Canary Islands Special Zone is a low tax zone created within the framework of the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) for the purpose of promoting the economic and social development of the Islands and diversifying their production structure. ZEC entities are subject to the Corporate Income Tax in force in Spain, at a reduced rate of 4%.

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GRAN CANARIA Double taxation agreements, European Union parent-subsidiary directive and non-resident income tax | Tansfer tax and stamp duty Canary Islands general For additional information on the Canary Islands Special Zone, visit the website

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OILFIELD SERVICE CENTER. SHIPYARD SERVICES Zamakona Yards is one of the leading companies of the shipbuilding and repair industry in Spain, with over 35 years of experience in both Cantabria and the Canary Islands, and employing more than 1,000 professionals, all aimed at providing the best service for our customers. The Zamakona Yards Group also has permanent representation in Morocco and Mauritania which assure optimum service in West Africa. Zamakona Yards wants to continue to offer a comprehensive response to the FUTURE needs of the sector. This means quality service that covers any...

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