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"Astilleros Zamakona S.A. was founded in 1914 and has developed over the time into a group of shipyards and related firms under the name of ZAMAKONA In this tough and complex field, ZAMAKONA has a long, proven track-record, with a commitment to continuous improvement that has enabled the group to offer solutions tailored to the precise needs of

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Quality World "If we are thinking in terms of Quality Assurance, we must pay attention to the toughest criterias and regulations. The old mentality "anything goes" will take us nowhere. Today we must offer what we would like for ourselves, and not just a job well done. We wish to contribute personally, and as a company to be better, and more friendlier to the Pedro Garaygordobil - Chairman - EMPRESA CERTIFtCADA| EMPRESA CERTIFICADA EMPRESA CERTIFK2ADA

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"The Group's commitment to adjust the objectives to the requirements to improve and progresss must be carried through every process and appliedon every new project that we undertake. Quality, training and environmental friendliness are essential if we are to tackle ttie modern

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Intelligent Ressources ASTILLEROS ZAMAKONA PASAIA • 2 covered slipways with 2 launching cradles for up to 25 m beam • One 110m long floating dock with 4.900 t lifting capacity • 400 m outfitting & reapir quay • 6 covered workshops with gantry cranes & automatic loading systems • Specific ship repair equipment (horizontal lathes, grinders, paintwork, etc.) • 1X 130 t gantry crane for service & block préfabrication • Robotized profile cutting line REPNAVAL & NAPESCA • Repair, conversion and maintenance • Dry-docking, layovers, scaffolding, mobile equipment, auxiliary vessels • Lates, fixed &...

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The Design Office is staffed by more than 20 Technicians, Naval Architects and Engineers, who use the lastest CAD programs like Foran, Autocad, Defcar, Lantek, etc...

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Zamakona produces custom built vessels of all types: • Multi-purpose deep-sea & ring assistence vessels. •Port & escort tugs, •Advanced fishing vessels. •Buoy maintenance vessels. s «RORO harbour ramps. In few words, we build to meet our Client's his needs.

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skimer (remote control) of complex vessels with highly sophisticated, specific characteristics, e.g. Neptune class multi- purpose vessels, Viking class FSVs (field support vessels) and Botnia class AHTS supply vessels.

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Zamakona tugs are renowned for their capacity, their safety and their productivity. Prestigious vessels which operate in over 80 countries and offert the necessary technologies and characteristics, however tough the

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Zamakona 's commitment to the fishing 4q industry is evidenced by the fact that it / has built more than 80 fishing vessels, ƒ ranging from 25 to 80 m in length, < including pelagic tuna purse - seiners,* trawlers, deep sea trawlers, freezers Zamakona's fishing vessels are renowned for their extraordinary robustness and high standards of the accommodations, archieved with the most advanced building methods.

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Zamakona in its shipyards of SANTURCE/BILBAO and PASAJES, in the Bay of Biscay offers a large scope of repair and supply services. Zamakona,s Yard REPNAVAL, which is strategically located in the Canary Islands, on the specific trading routes to South Africa and America, ship - repair and supporting services, facilities, afloat or en route. offers a broad scope of

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At ZAMAKONA, Vessel Maintenance & Repair is given special in way of offering short stays, ÏMPft£S*C£RTinCM>A £WPR£S*CERT*ICAOA [EMPRESACERTIFICAD»

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Service is an area that receives special attention over and above merely meeting specifications and deadlines. Our high standards of personal attention and all the resources that we have available are oriented towards personal and overall co- operation with the customer. tw-fl£&* ce'RTÌFF&'ii* ; euwèsAceftïïncAO*: [EMPRESA CÍRTVICAQA

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ASTILLEROS ZAMAKONA PASAIA, S.L 20110 PASAIA - SAN SEBASTIÁN - SPAIN CIA Trasallànlica Española, s/nREPNAVAL Darsena Exterior Puerto de Las Palmas 35008 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA - SPAIN e-mail: Other specialized Zamakona group NAPESCA^ ÌRCÉs"!?'

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