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BFBMESS ;A80) electric motorization for furling booms    4 Foresail Furlers GFM (B13) - (B15) manual foresail furler    6 GFI i:B57) hydraulic foresail furler    8 EJF ;B46) electric foresail furler    10 GFSI i;B79:' - GFSE i;B28::i “flush-deck” hydraulic or electric foresail furlers for fixed stays    12 Furling Foils Foil ;B82) with expanding openable connector    14 “OPEN” high load halyard swivel ;B80)    16 RLG-CODE Furlers RLG EVO (C11) - (C60) furling system for Gennakers    18 ROLLGEN STAY KIT ;C64) special stay for RLG EVO    20 RLG EVO S ;C11) - ;C60) furling system for...

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Electric motorizations for furling booms available for sailing yachts with indicative boom length from 5 to 25 metres. The system is made up by a reduction gear and an electric motor with its brake (to lock the device when reefing), integrated and protected inside a cylindrical structure designed to be housed inside the mainsail furling mandrel. Should the boom-maker supply a manual locking device (part of the boom construction), then the electro-magnetic brake is not required. The motorization external body is in polished stainless steel, and is supplied with slots where the mainsail tack...

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BELOW DECK VERSION OPTIONAL manual foresail furler Manual foresail furler available in different sizes C0, C0T, C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 (for either 1x19 Wire stays from Ø 4 to Ø 16 mm, or Rod from #10 to #40). The kit is supplied complete with aluminum furling foils and halyard swivel. It is equipped with link plates which may be cut to measure in order to customize tack height. The furling drum rotates on a double race of ball bearings, which do not require neither lubrication nor maintenance. The furling drum is hollow inside, thus allowing for a turnbuckle to be housed inside and for the...

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hydraulic foresail furler G Bamar “GFI” series: hydraulic systems to furl and reef sails. A combination of innovative technology and experience gained while working with prestigious boat yards. These furlers offer and grant high performances and long duration, since they are designed and manufactured from high quality materials by means of CNC machines. Mechanisms that require very low maintenance, with vanguard transmission systems. The use of high quality industrial products, bearings, gears, and endless screw, create a smooth and silent reduction gear with automatic stop. The high torque...

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electric foresail furler EJF has been developed combining technology and design. The evolution of technology in the sailing world grows more and more towards semiautomatic mechanisms which satisfy the demand for performance, reliability and quality. Bamar presents this new line of electric foresail Furlers that guarantee unique specifications, increased torque force, easy installation, low maintenance, thus improving comfort and safety onboard. The reversible furling is based on a epicyclical mechanism to obtain high performance efficiency, whereas a magnetic brake (E/M) guarantees the...

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“flush-deck” hydraulic or electric foresail furlers for fixed stays The GFSI- GFSE series has been completely upgraded combining new technology and experience deriving from the previous series in production since 2003. These motorized furlers with self-aligning spherical fulcrum, designed for a structural flush-deck installation, may also be supplied with integrated stay tensioning cylinder. The evolution of technology in the sailing world grows more and more towards semiautomatic mechanisms which satisfy the demand for performance, reliability and quality, connected to the reduction of...

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with expanding openable connector The connector is made up by three aluminium parts and by Delrin® bushes composed by two half-bearings. Such system allows for the installation of the foils both on wire stays with a swage threaded terminal fitted on, and on rod stays (even after the terminal has been swaged). The connectors are manufactured from aluminium alloy and then treated with hardcote anodizing. These splice pieces, with their innovative "expanding" system, make the foils become a monolithic element, without stressing the screws that hold the splice pieces linked to the foils. Bamar...

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“OPEN” high load halyard swivel STANDARD SWIVEL HIGH LOAD HALYARD SWIVEL BMG 52 - BMG 60 - BMG 70 - BMG 80 BMG 90 - BMG 110 ONLY LOOPS D The swivel is machined from aluminium alloy treated with hardcote anodizing, thus allowing for a high protection from wear and atmospheric agents. ØA The internal part touching the foils is coated with a plastic material that grants its smooth sliding along the foils, and protects it from localized wear when the sail is working. The innovative design allows for an easy and quick inspection of the internal ball bearings without taking the swivel off from...

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furling system for Gennakers New furling system for Gennakers (sails with free flying luff ), an evolution of the well-known and patented ROLLGEN system. This new development is characterized by both higher performances in terms of working load and smoothness in movement, and weight decrease by roughly 60%. Such characteristics have been obtained thanks to the use of materials such as Ergal aluminium alloy and 17-4PH steel. Differently from the previous model, in the new RLG EVO, the tack swivel (fundamental element when furling free flying sails) is independent from the drum. In fact, it...

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RollGen is the special patented stay that may furl Gennakers and less specifically all sails with free flying luff. The stay is made of a special anti-torsion stay that may transmit the furling torque to the sail head. It is covered by a special EPDM gaiter that absorbs compression stress that would weigh down upon the sail cloth. Furthermore, the gaiter allows for the sail to furl on a bigger diameter compared to the naked stay. While furling out, it allows the sail to unroll at different speeds, since it absorbs stress that would weigh upon the sail and would make the furling out...

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