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MOTORIZATION FOR FURLING BOOMS Bamar offers a line of electric motorizations to be fitted inside furling booms on sailing yachts with boom of indicative length between 5 and 22 m.

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(A80) Electric motorization for furling booms “BFBMESS” New line of electric motorizations for furling booms available for sailing yachts with indicative boom length from 5 to 22 metres. The innovative system is made up by a reduction gear, an electric motor and its brake, integrated and protected inside an cylindrical structure designed to be housed inside the mainsail furling mandrel. The motorization is supplied with slots where the mainsail tack is to be tied on. The standard motorization A may be equipped with either a simple boom toggle B, or alternatively, with the special boom...

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Technical characteristics F1 Boom F2 F3 Either carbon fibre or aluminium mandrel tube (supplied by the boom manufacturer). F1 = Max vertical load with sail fully open F2 = Max horizontal load with sail fully open F3 = Max vertical load with partially closed sail (1st reef) Mandrel external Ø mm Mast and boom structures, and “mandrel” tube onto which the sail is furled, are not part of the supply. Max boom *F1 *F2 **F3 Reefed lenght Vertical pull Horizontal pull sail (indicative max WL max WL vertical not binding) max WL m Ton Ton Ton 110 110 6 1 2.5 2 6 15 - 20 30 4 10 20 *with sail fully...

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How to use the manual emergency clutch If the motorization stops rotating, there may be a series of causes: • • • • Accidental interruption of the electric supply to the motor. Accidental interruption of the electric supply to the brake. Electric voltage drop (+ or – 10% on electric supply voltage). Reduction gear damaged/broken. If you have bought the toggle with emergency clutch, then you may operate the system manually in order to furl/unfurl the sail, operating as follows: • Cut off the electric supply by disconnecting the power plug supplied • Take off the safety locks fitted on both...

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PRIVACY INFORMATION ACCORDING TO ART.13 DECREE N.196 OF 30.06.2003 Dear Client / Supplier, Pursuant to the provisions contained in article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196 of 30th June 2003 on the protection of personal information, A.R.TE. srl, affirms that all personal information on clients, suppliers or third parties in general, however obtained or held, acquired during the execution of its business, will be treated in a correct, lawful and transparent manner, respecting the laws of privacy of each: A1) Data are collected for the following purposes: • Either the fulfilment of...

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Retailer: Via F.lli Lumière 45 - 47122 Forlì (FC) Italy - Ph. +39 0543 463311 - Fax +39 0543 784270 - 1003011 Motorization for furling booms - Ed. September 2010 Distributor:

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