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“GFI” HYDRAULIC FORESAIL FURLER Bamar “GFI” series: hydraulic systems to furl and reef foresails, a combination between innovative technology and experience acquired at the service of prestigious boat yards. These systems offer and grant great performance and long life, because they are designed and manufactured with the best materials and CNC machines. These products need scarce maintenance and are supplied with vanguard transmission systems. The use of high quality industrial parts such as bearings, gears, and worm screws, makes the automatic stop reduction gear smooth and silent. The high torque efficiency developed by the GFI is granted by the use of “DANFOSS” orbital hydraulic motors. The worm screw reduction gear is an irreversible mechanism that absorbs the load created by the sail area without transmitting it to the hydraulic motor. The manual emergency clutch represents an extra safety element for the user: it is operated with a winch handle. During the manual operation, the hydraulic motor must not be started. One of the main characteristics of BAMAR GFI hydraulic systems is the possibility of being combined with an integrated hydraulic cylinder that allows for the tension of the stay. Thus, each model may be supplied in the “standard” version or “with hydraulic stay adjuster”. The lower toggle is customized to perfectly adapt to the chain plate. All Bamar hydraulic components make use of environment friendly oil, in compliance with EU rules. Every piece is tested before shipment, in order to check its conformity to technical characteristics. Oil intake (lower side) Quick release through deck fitting made of stainless steel and aluminium - you may disconnect the forestay without oil leak. Code 311050001 Turnbuckle to be manually adjusted Tack swivel B Version with integrated cylinder to tension the stay Version without integrated cylinder to tension the stay C GFI description of parts Continuous / intermitting oil flow Foil speed @20 lt/min Continuous / intermitting oil pressure Cylinder stroke Turnbuckle stroke Body dimension Pin Ø range Body dimension Emergency clutch Sail tack Fork width Fork external dimension Body dimension / Cylinder external Ø Fork height GFI weight (C=with hydraulic cylinder) * data available on demand

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GFI 70 Technical data shown are indicative and not binding. * only continuous length coil The foresail furler “GFI” kit includes: • hydraulic motorization • stainless steel ball toggle • manual turnbuckle • tack adapter • hoisting foil •foils + connectors • halyard swivel + shackles • screws to lock connectors • liquid sealant The kit does not include the threaded terminal for the connection to the stay, because it differs depending whether the stay is in 1x19 wire, Rod, or Dyform. Therefore, when placing the order you have to specify what type of stay is fitted on the boat. SUPPLIED BY...

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B51 Foil section (1x19) stay ø mm ROD # Length m 21.0 22.5 24.0 25.5 27.0 30.0 31.5 33.0 36.0 37.5 SWAGE threaded terminal (WIRE) ® STA-LOK threaded terminal (WIRE) ROD BAMAR threaded terminal ROD NAVTEC threaded terminal ROD OYS threaded terminal ROD BSI threaded terminal B54 Foil section (1x19) stay ø mm ROD # Length m 45.0 55.0 60.0 B55 Foil section (1x19) stay ø mm ROD # Length m 55.0 60.0 70.0 B52 Foil section (1x19) stay ø mm ROD # Length m 27.0 28.5 30.0 33.0 36.0 39.0 42.0 SWAGE threaded terminal (WIRE) ® STA-LOK threaded terminal (WIRE) ROD BAMAR threaded terminal ROD NAVTEC...

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