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Foils for external mainsail furlers 4 RGEM Manual external mainsail furler 4 RGEEL Electric external mainsail furler 5 RGIM Manual in-mast mainsail furler 6 RGIEL Electric in-mast mainsail furler 6 RGI - RGEL &TBI - TBEL "Combined" mainsail motorization and outhaul 7 RGEL Electric mainsail motorization V.S.F. (Worm gear) 7 TBEL Electric outhaul motorization V.S.F. (Worm gear) 7 RGI Hydraulic mainsail motorization V.S.F. (Worm gear) 7 TBI Hydraulic outhaul motorization V.S.F. (Worm gear) 7 BFBMESS Electric motorization for furling booms 8 GFM Manual foresail furler 10 GFI Hydraulic foresail...

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BWSE Electric furler for bowsprit 28 BWSI Hydraulic furler for bowsprit 28 CODE PE Electric furling pad eye 29 CODE PI Hydraulic furling pad eye 29 RLG-CODE SEC & SIC Furler with spherical connection and integrated cylinder 30 BPC-TRIM Hydraulic cylinder with tackle 32 BSCP Cylinder with spherical fulcrum 34 BSCT Hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder with spherical fulcrum 35 BCPO Hydraulic outhaul cylinder 36 BHP Single function or multifunction hydraulic panels 37 Hydraulic boom vangs 38 Hydraulic cylinders 39 BCBM Hydraulic cylinder with mechanical lock 40 Cylinder accessories 41 BTM...

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Foils for external mainsail furlers When installing an external mainsail furler, you do not have to replace the existing mast and boom. The equipment is designed and manufactured in order to adapt to any structure (the system may be installed on both aluminium and wooden masts). The external sail stowing foils to be fitted to the mast have an integrated groove that may be used to hoist a traditional mainsail in case of emergency. The groove supports both hooks and luff tape. The foils are to be installed on aluminium masts with either rivets or s.s. screws. Model Foil length m (indicative)...

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RGEEL Electric external mainsail furler External electric mainsail furler to be fitted onto the existing mast. It is supplied with a motorization that replaces the classic manual “worm screw” coil drive. This solution allows you to reef, furl and unfurl the sail by simply pushing a button from the cockpit. Both the external foils that stow the sail and the internal ones on which the sail furls are the same as the ones used on the manual system. The motorization has a cylindrical shape and is available for either 12 or 24 Volts installations. Its consumption is extremely low, as we use...

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RGIM Manual in-mast mainsail furler Mainsail furling mechanism to be fitted inside mast foils with special section for vertical internal mainsail furler. It is characterized by the famous “worm screw” coil drive that grants a correct stowage of the sail furling line, avoiding all possible overlaps while furling. The coil drive is made of silver anodized aluminium, machined with CNC machines, and integrates a ball bearing bush protected by seals and ORs. Another important mechanical component is the halyard swivel that connects the halyard to the sail. It is made of silver anodized aluminium...

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RGI - RGEL & TBI - TBEL “Combined” mainsail motorization and outhaul Such motorizations make use of a worm screw as reduction system and may be realized both in the electric and hydraulic version. Mainsail furlers and outhauls may be installed both on furling masts, and on new or existing external retrofit mainsail systems. The range of mainsail furlers and outhauls is composed by 4 + 4 models that may reef mainsails with a sail area between 30 and 240 sq.m. “Comby system” is the system that combines mainsail motorization and outhaul. It allows you to furl and unfurl the mainsail with the...

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BFBMESS Electric motorization for furling booms Electric motorizations for furling booms available for sailing yachts with indicative boom length from 5 to 25 metres. The system is made up by a reduction gear and an electric motor with its brake (to lock the device when reefing), integrated and protected inside a cylindrical structure designed to be housed inside the mainsail furling mandrel. Should the boom-maker supply a manual locking device (part of the boom construction), then the electro-magnetic brake is not required. The motorization external body is in polished stainless steel, and...

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Either carbon fibre or aluminium mandrel tube (supplied by the boom manufacturer). Mast F1 = Max vertical load with sail fully open F2 = Max horizontal load with sail fully open F3 = Max vertical load with partially closed sail (1st reef) Mast and boom structures, and “mandrel” tube onto which the sail is furled, are not part of the supply. Boom max length *F1 Vertical Pull *F2 Horizontal Pull **F3 Reefed Sail (indicative not max WL max WL Vertical max WL binding) Motor Power *with sail fully open ** calculated on an intermediate Ø Emergency handle extension 160 mm on mandrel Ø 110 200 mm...

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GFM manual foresail furler Manual foresail furler available in different sizes C0, C0T, C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 (for either 1x19 Wire stays from Ø 4 to Ø 16 mm, or Rod from #10 to #40). The kit is supplied complete with aluminum furling foils and halyard swivel. It is equipped with link plates which may be cut to measure in order to customize tack height. The furling drum rotates on a double race of ball bearings, which do not require neither lubrication nor maintenance. The furling drum is hollow inside, thus allowing for a turnbuckle to be housed inside and for the stay to pass through. The...

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GFI hydraulic foresail furler Bamar “GFI” series: hydraulic systems to furl and reef sails. A combination of innovative technology and experience gained while working with prestigious boat yards. These furlers offer and grant high performances and long duration, since they are designed and manufactured from high quality materials by means of CNC machines. Mechanisms that require very low maintenance, with vanguard transmission systems. The use of high quality industrial products, bearings, gears, and endless screw, create a smooth and silent reduction gear with automatic stop. The high...

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