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AquaFilter Disk • • All surfaces made of HDPE or stainless steel Filter based on the Bernoulli principle Self-cleaning by pressure difference and time intervals AquaFilter Disk is an automatic self-cleaning filter based on the Bernoulli principle. All surfaces in touch with filtration fluid are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or stainless steel. Standard for the AquaFilter is a stainless steel filter cylinder with a V-shaped surface for effective filtration and selfcleaning of the filter. The automatic cleaning sequence is controlled by a PLC. The control unit can be equipped with an alarm output unit, ready to be connected to an existing control system by Modbus TCP bus system. The automatic cleaning sequence is controlled by pressure difference, time intervals and manually. The cylinders running the piston and the actuator controlling the outlet are dependent on compressed air with good quality. AquaFilter Disk is standard equipped with a differential pressure switch. The cylinder is equipped with sensors to adjust the optimal flushing sequence and monitor the flushing cycles. Flow controls are placed at both the cylinder and the actuator to control the movement. This ensures correct movements and secures a long lifetime for the AquaFilter Disk. Steinsvik AS Rundhaug 25, 5563 Førresfjorden, No

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Area of application Maximum flow rate at 500 mu Grade of filtration Maximum temperature Maximum operating pressure (standard) Minimum self-cleaning pressure Housing material Backflushing medium Activation of backflush system Connections Slot tube material Filter actuators Outflush valve Water* 1584 m3/h 40|jm - 5mm 65°C 5 bar** 0,2 bar*** HDPE Filtrate fluid Function of time or differential pressure Flange connections Stainless steel or duplex Air piston Butterfly valve controlled by actuator *PE100 pipe design based on ISO 9080 calculations on BorSafe™ HE3490-LS-H pressure test data (tests...

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