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Experience Aquanaut AQUANAUT Dutch Craftsmanship

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Aquanaut. A choice to be proud of Life is a succession of choices, and has led you to this unique moment in which you are at the point of purchasing your own boat. As far as we are concerned it will naturally be an Aquanaut, simply because we have been designing and building motor yachts in our own boatyard in Sneek since 1961. We do that with passion and craftsmanship, but also utilising the best equipment and materials available. An Aquanaut is totally built by hand and that gives you more sailing pleasure since there is plenty of scope for personal choices. Your choices, because...

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In 1961 the brothers Johan and Wim Bakker from Sneek realised their dream of designing and building first class motor yachts. Their boats quickly gained an excellent reputation, not only with those that sail for pleasure, but also with the professionals in the industry. Maritime journalists at home and abroad praise the characteristics of an Aquanaut. Owners share their pride with each other and the world via ‘’ because Aquanaut stands for a passion for sailing. You see this reflected in the quality, styling, sailing characteristics and 'Whoever buys an Aquanaut...

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Boat builders with heart en soul Boat builders with heart en soul The Netherlands border on the sea, is criss-crossed by rivers and accounts for many lakes and All phases of the production process are carried out under ‘our own management’ With a staff of some 35 people, we build around 10 motor yachts each year varying in length canals. No wonder then that the Dutch are well-versed in the art of boat building. Water and from 12 to 19 metres. All phases of the production process from design to laying the keel, commerce, the city of Sneek also has a rich history covering hundreds of years...

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feeling of freedom" £

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Proven reliable technology Figuratively speaking, technology does not stand still and certainly not in the maritime world. There are continuous new developments which Aquanaut follows closely, but critically. We work namely on the principle of ‘proven quality’, that is to say innovative technology is only applied after it has been proven to be reliable. That is valid for engines and also for equipment and apparatus. Our choice will always be for sound brands that have an international network, so that you can always rely upon a quick service and, at the same time, be secure in the knowledge...

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Create your own sailing pleasure at Aquanaut No two people are identical, no wishes are identical - thus no two Aquanauts are identical because aquanaut delivers 100% custom-built motor yachts. Naturally you choose a particular model, but then you have a wide range of choices regarding colour, materials, dimensions, equipment, interior finish and layout. Your will get all the support needed to realise the dream as you saw it. To discover what choices are the right ones for you, hiring an Aquanaut is a sensible option. Our hire fleet embraces some 10 different models in a variety of sizes...

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The evolution of the very best An Aquanaut is built for many years of sailing pleasure or, if you wish, for unlimited sailing pleasure. Every boat can be updated by us toyet again fulfil the most recent wishes. Wishes continue to evolve In life Just like Aquanaut’s model range with new models repeatedly being added or existing models being updated, for example, because new technology makes this possible or because the market calls for it. See it as evolution when each new Aquanaut is built on the success of an earlier model. This course gives you the best assurances and safeguards...

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Aquanaut, over 55 years of Dutch Craftsmanship How far, comfortable and safe do you wish to sail, and with how many people and for how long? Do you see the ocean as the limit or as part of your itinerary? Practical questions that make the emotional decision in finding your ideal motor yacht easier, because every journey begins with choices. We will be pleased to help you on to the right path by firstly inviting you to visit us at our company in Sneek, without obligation. Located practically in the heart of Sneek and covering an area of almost 35000m², all of Aquanaut’s company divisions are...

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