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Brochure Voyager jan 2014

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Life is a succession of choices. and has led you to this unique moment in which you are at the point of purchasing your own motor yacht. With an Aquanaut European or Global Voyager you are choosing for passion, craftsmanship and top quality. Also, your motor yacht will be hand built in our boatyard in Sneek. This will give you more sailing pleasure since there is plenty of scope for personal choices. Your choices, because whichever model you choose you will always be proud of it. With a European or Global Voyager you are choosing for perfect sailing characteristics with design and layout in...

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VOYAGES BEGIN with choices How far, comfortable and safe do you wish to sail, and with how many people and for how long? Do you see the ocean as the limit or as part of your itinerary? Practical questions that make the emotional decision in finding your ideal motor yacht easier, because every journey begins with choices. This brochure will help you on your way. Global Voyager: Largest Aquanaut motor yacht for great voyages and wishes. Everything breathes premium class. An elegant Mediterranean design with rounded shapes in combination with a strong Dutch bow, very spacious sun deck, salon...

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ULTIMATE FREEDOM The world invites you to enjoy yourself. You don’t have to discover the world for mankind because that has already been done for you. Every part of Earth has already been mapped and that is actually pleasing. Indeed, it gives a kind of assurance that you will not get lost if you do wish to discover the world for yourself. With modern technology you can reach your destination quicker, more comfortable and safer than the explorers of old would have thought possible. And yet the feeling of freedom and adventure that Christopher Columbus, William Barentz or Abel Tasman...

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Voyager Exterior Innerlijke kracht om uiterlijk verwachtingen te overtreffen The European and Global Voyager are motor yachts with their own character and styling but always dynamic, well thought out and discreet. Timeless quality that will also prove its value in the future. The powerful Dutch bow shows that a Voyager has serious sailing characteristics. The multi-chine hull configuration provides for pleasing and comfortable cruising performance under all conditions. A European Voyager is certified Category CE B (seaworthy) as standard, but this can be upgraded to Category CE A (ocean...

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Voyager Interior Everything that is needed for an exceptional stay aboard Style in service and function. That is the essence of a well designed motor yacht interior. For these reasons your interior detail and layout is only drawn when the construction of your motor yacht has commenced. This affords more time to incorporate all your wishes. Every interior is namely 100% custom-made. As far as style is concerned, you have a choice of a classic interior with much solid woodwork of, for example, cherry or walnut, or a more modern style with light oak or teak with leather accents. In considering...

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A reliable companion on an often unpredictable sea Those that know the stormy nature of the sea want to have maximum safety. With a Voyager you know that your boat will be built by a boatyard with a long history of experience. Since 1961 Aquanaut has built the very best motor yachts in her class with passion. In the meantime, more than a thousand boats have been rolled out of the yard. Aquanaut is the only boatyard in the Netherlands with ISO 9001 certification; certification that is guaranteed by Lloyd’ Register. Our motor yachts meet all the CE standards and the strict law and regulations...

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Always the right choice from a wide range of possibilities. No two people are identical, no wish is identical - thus no two Aquanauts are identica because Aquanaut delivers 100% custom-built motor yachts. Naturally you choose a particular type, such as a European or Global Voyager, but then you have a wide range of choices regarding colour, materials, dimensions, equipment, interior finish and layout. You will get all the support needed to realise the dream as you saw it. In line with your wishes we always, firstly, put together a selection of materials and equipment. This selection is...

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SPECIFICATIONS Dutch Craftsmanship European Voyager Dimensions: Length overall Beam Draft Freeboard Weight empty ca. kg Tank capacity diesel* Tank capacity drinking water* * Tank capacities can be increased after mutual agreement, irrespective of your other options. SPECIFICATIONS Dutch Craftsmanship Global Voyager Dimensions: Length overall Beam Draft Freeboard Weight empty ca. kg Tank capacity diesel* Tank capacity drinking water* * Tank capacities can be increased after mutual agreement, irrespective of your other options.

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European Voyager Experience the luxury feeling of Aquanaut Gain more in-depth knowledge about a European or Global Voyager than outlined in this brochure. Visit our boatyard and see for yourself how we build our boats with passion and craftsmanship. Even better: have a trial sailing. The ideal way to do this is to hire an Aquanaut. This will give you all the time and opportunity to discover what the pleasurable characteristics of an Aquanaut are or what choices you would make, to make your own Aquanaut even more pleasurable. Only on the water can you really experience the rich feel of an...

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Aquanaut Dutch Craftmanship since 1961 Water and commerce, the city of Sneek has a rich history covering hundreds of years when it comes to shipping and ship building. Water and ships are integral to our city’s culture. It is in the people’s hearts and DNA, and thus also in our company and the professionals that work there. Our company is located practically in the heart of Sneek and covers an area of almost 35000m². All of Aquanaut’s company divisions are sited within this extensive area, such as yacht building and yard, boat rental, yacht brokerage, boathouses, yacht service and yacht...

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