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Stainless Steel BULB USED: 175-watt metal halide bulb LIGHT LIFE: Approx. 6000+ hours REPLACING BULB: Can be installed from inside your vessel LENS TYPE: Borosilicate glass lens is 0.5" thick HOUSING: Stainless Steel POWER SUPPLY: Dual ballast 120 (1 phase); 240 (1 phase); 280 (3 phase) volt, Running current 1.5-0.75 CABLING: Length of cable to ballast must not exceed 40ft 15ft supplied; Custom length available INSTALLATION: 12" to 48" below water line (Lenses tested to a depth of 300ft) Spacing between lights is 5ft to 8ft

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Underwater Hull Light

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This underwater light has been carefully designed to provide a versatile product of the highest quality, suitable for a wide range of underwater applications such as marine, industrial and domestic. WARNING! Sections in this manual identify safe practice. It is of the utmost importance that this manual is carefully read and understood. Failure to do so may result in electric shock, injury, fire, or equipment damage. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and, if in doubt, seek professional advice. Light source: 175 watt Halogen Bulb with reflector 4600 K. Lamp replacement: The unit features rear access...

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WARNING: Never operate the light out of water as the water provides necessary cooling. The lens bezel must be completely submerged at all times. Avoid operating the light when the boat is planning as often times this raises the fixture bezel above the water-line and thus diminishing the cooling effect of the water. Generally, Xenon lamps have a service life of approximately 6000+ hours. This may vary depending on the number of restarts and other factors. Isolate mains power and assure it can not be re energized accidentally by other persons. Allow the lamp and housing to cool down (minimum...

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Socket. IMPORTANT! Ensure the new lamp is wiped totally clean of any dirt or fingerprints. Failure to do so will result in premature lamp burn-out. Inspect the housing to ensure it is completely clean and dry. The lens may be cleaned if neces- sary using a soft cloth on the end of a wooden dowel or similar. Re inspect after cleaning to en- sure no cloth or other cleaning fibers remain inside the housing. NEVER! Spray lubricants, degreasing agents or other similar products into the housing. Carefully re-fit the lamp assembly into the housing ensuring the front end of the reflector case...

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If the housing shows signs of excessive corrosion (other than surface contamination) or physical damage, the vessel should be hauled so a complete assessment can be performed. Any signs of water ingress must be addressed immediately. Any suspect equipment must be repaired or replace. The Lens and Bezel have been carefully designed with a smooth, flush surface to allow easy Never operate the vessel with the lamp housing end cap removed. Limited Warranty Aqua Lights warrants these fixtures to be free of defects in parts and workmanship for 1-year from the date of shipment. Bronze fixture has...

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aqua lights 785 Branch Dr • Alpharetta, GA 30004 1-866-924-2782 • 6

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