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Technical Datasheet PLATINUM Series - English

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Technical datasheet AQUAGIV PLATINUM-Series – fully automated watermakers for yachts Facts: Technology: Salt Rejection: Salinity Range: Operating Pressure: Feed Water Pressure: Water Temperature: Reverse Osmosis min. 99.5 % up to 50 000 ppm up to 800 psi 0 to 60 psi 0.5°C - 45°C Energy Consumption: 230V 50Hz – 1500 Watts, 6,2 amps at 230V Models and Output: Model Output/hour Output/day Membranes 80-230V 80 ltrs. 1.920 ltrs. 1 x 40” 140-230V 140 ltrs. 3.360 ltrs. 2 x 40” 180-230V 180 ltrs. 4.320 ltrs. 3 x 40“ 210-230V 210 ltrs. 5.040 ltrs. 4 x 40“ Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity. The rated performance is tested at 26ºC / 80ºF water temperature and a salinity of 35000 ppm TDS. About: The Platinum Series with capacities of up to 5 m³/day has been especially designed for highest performance. Key facts are: power efficiency, ultimate reliability and low maintenance cost. Using the Danfoss axial piston pump the first maintenance is not before 8000 hours operation time! The APM System guarantees a constant pressure and optimal performance of the high-pressure pump. The load of the electric motor is kept as low as possible thereby ensuring low-power consumption and low wear on the watermaker. The operation is done with a water- and impact-proof Infrared-touchscreen display. Connecting your Watermaker with your water tank gauge will thereby guarantee a constant supply of fresh water. Display - Screenshots Aquagiv GmbH |Heinrich-Knote-Str. 3a | 82343 Pöcking | Deutschland | |

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Technical datasheet AQUAGIV PLATINUM-Series – fully automated watermakers for yachts Standard System Features 2 Prefilter housings 1 Flush kit 1 High-pressure pump unit 1-4 Pressure vessel(s) with ro membrane(s) High pressure hoses Low pressure hoses Features - Made in Germany Low maintenance axial piston pump No electronic circuits close to seawater Corrosion resistant marine aluminum frame No proprietary equipment- spares and consumables may be obtained anywhere Hose connections Seawater intake Freshwater hose Brine discharge 19 mm - ¾“ 10 mm 19 mm – 3/4“ Dimensions Front Side Prefilters...

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Technical datasheet AQUAGIV PLATINUM-Series – fully automated watermakers for yachts Optional accessories: Boost pump If the high pressure pump is installed less than 40cms below the waterline. Driven by magnetic coupling, the pump is hermetically sealed. Prefilter sensors Gives an alert in the tft display, when prefilters have to be changed Prefilter-Kit 5 x 20 µ prefilter 5 x 5 µ prefilter 2 x charcoal filters Cleaning-Kit 1 x alkaline cleaning compound 250 1 x acid cleaning compound 1 x storage compound Technical datasheet, issued March 2009. Subject to alterations. Find the latest...

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