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An Experience Like No Other AquaBanas are Redefining Water Entertainment™ with their innovative creations that are designed for adults and enjoyed by all. No other water inflatables offer the versatility and durability that AquaBanas offers! Designed for adults and built with only the finest materials available including marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware, BanaGrip™ top surfaces, and all welded construction, AquaBanas are built to perform at a level above anything else. • Designed for adults • Unmatched durability • Modular design for versatility • Customizable including shapes,...

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AquaBanas Experience Standard Features Bana Systems Yacht Packages Resort Packages Party Bana Picnic Bana King Lounger Mega Lounger Command Bana Splash Bana Push Off Bana Deck Yacht Slides Couch Bana Couch Bana Water System Dance Bana Dance Club Stage Bana Social Bana Shindig Bana Circular Bana Junction Bana Jumbo Lounger Inflatable Massage Table Bana Accessories

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Our Story “Redefining Water EntertainmentTM “ is a big statement to make and we stand behind it. AquaBanas are allowing groups of people to gather on water inflatables in ways never before possible. Whether it’s a large party or a small group of friends, Aquabanas will fulfill your needs! AquaBanas was founded by Mark Anastasia, a veteran with over 30 years of commercial inflatable manufacturing experience. Anastasia is acknowledged as the creator of the first modern-day yacht slide in 2009, and since then has put thousands of custom slides and other inflatables on over 700 mega yachts...

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The AquaBanas Experience Redefining Water Entertainment™ Take Water Activities to the Next Level The AquaBanas Experience Luxury Transform your waterside activities with our high-end yacht toys. The elegant “wow” factor and seamless functionality of our products make them the perfect choice for entertaining family, friends, or guests on the water. Our talented team of engineers can create custom designs and branding to accommodate clients of all industries. Make a statement by including your company logo, colors, and messaging for all to see. Durability All AquaBanas products are built to...

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Standard Features Standard Features All AquaBanas products are designed to connect together with our proprietary connection system. As applicable, all decks are built from heavy duty drop stitch materials, are fully welded, have BanaGrip™ non-slip surfaces, removable table tops, removable netted footwells, 316 stainless steel fittings, quick step access, stabilizing bags, multiple inflation valves, and much more. They are built for heavy duty commercial use, and with proper care, will give years of use. Rock Solid Table Netted Footwells Inflated Back Rests Dual Inflation Valves Stabilizing...

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Standard Features The Bana Tent provides great shade, and netted footwells at the bottom for safety on certain decks. Quick step access for all ages makes it easy to get on and off the Banas safely. Rock solid 48” table for food and drinks. Optional tabletops shown on page 74. BanaGrip™ non-slip surfaces for excellent traction and to prevent slipping. Inflated back rests for sitting or leaning comfortably. The Cooler Cutout fits most 45 quart coolers. Custom Designs Our design team has substantial experience designing and manufacturing custom inflatables for many applications including...

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BANA SYSTEMS Yachts AquaBanas are experts in the design of quality inflatable marina systems for yachts of all sizes. With our substantial inventory and our modular design, we may already have a system sitting on our shelf that can ship right away. Or let us create a custom solution that will fit your needs exactly. The CEO of AquaBanas has created thousands of custom designs on over 700 yachts globally. That experience will be used to design a system that satisfies the needs of the yacht, is manageable for the crew to handle, and works within the confines of the available storage on the...

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Yacht Packages Yacht Packages Every yacht has their own unique set of needs based on the toys they have on board, the working space available for set up, whether there is a crane, the size of the crew, and the storage space available. Another factor to consider is if the yacht is a charter yacht or private. AquaBanas discusses all the above data points during the initial consultation and then crafts a solution to fit those needs. Because of the modular design of our Banas, there are hundreds of configurations that can be configured right off the shelf. Shown on these pages are just a few of...

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BANA SYSTEMS Resorts There is probably no faster way to monetize a waterfront than with an AquaBanas system. Systems of up to 200 people can be installed in a day with no construction or permits required, although that may vary by location. Revenue is generated by renting the AquaBanas on a daily rate, as well as providing food and drink service. Our representatives will be happy to work with the resort on a design that will allow you to maximize your investment and get an amazing ROI. Multiple configurations and mounting systems can be created to hold the system in place, whether it is to...

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Resort Packages Resort Packages AquaBanas can turn just about any waterfront into a new source of revenue due to their uniqueness and high-capacity seating. Customers rave about the experience, and they spend money to rent them, as well as money on food and drinks while they are on them. AquaBanas carries a large inventory of products that can be delivered quickly and installed on your waterfront, or a custom system can be designed with your corporate logo and Pantone color scheme. This is a great system that can be connected to the sides of many floating dock systems. Adds 30 people to...

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BANA SYSTEMS AquaBanas has a smaller line of products that are commercially built for pools at hotels and resorts as well as for larger backyard pools. These inflatables hold up to 6 people and have all the same features as the larger systems. The Social Bana is a hit at sandbars as it can be easily transported on a smaller boat and quickly inflated. Adding the Bana Tent creates an amazing oasis on the water. Great rental items with an amazing ROI.

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